“The way of truth is that man’s heart be always wholly with his Creator. When he relies upon his own wisdom in the pursuit of truth and of that which shall be by some means other than God, his heart is wanting, for any form of divination is defective.”

~ Avraham ibn Ezra in commentary on Deuteronomy

Any planet that is closely conjunct an eclipse will influence how the eclipse moment shows up symbolically in life on earth.

The eclipse of February 15, 2018 was at 27 degrees 8 minutes of Aquarius and was closely paired with the planet Mercury. With this pairing, communications and thinking, learning and studies, messages and technology are under the time-distorting influence of the eclipse.

Since the Moon’s South Node is governing this eclipse, the impact on learning and communications, etc, experiences an outflux of energy. There is a clearing, departure, breakdown, worsening, confusion, or obscuration of the Mercurial qualities. This is doubly notable because both Mercury and Aquarius symbolically embody the quality of clarity.

However, the South Node can also bring a positive effect when its typically or easily counter-constructive qualities are met with a openness to the spiritual, or, a spiritual attitude.

In a different way and along the same lines, a reflective or contemplative attitude also encourages the positive potentialities in the South Node to be drawn out.

The truly notable thing about this eclipse is the transformation Mercury goes through as a part of the eclipse event. While the eclipse is occurring, Mercury is combust, burnt up by the fiery beams of the Sun. Shortly after the eclipse, on February 17, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, is cleansed of its cerebral dross, and achieves a peak experience of its strength, an upliftment to its highest virtue.

So, what might be observed when Mercury is eclipsed near the south node, followed shortly by a cazimi event?

  • Cars or tech break down only to be brought back in better shape than they was before

  • A message associated with the past comes with an opportunity for a brighter future

  • The Mercury ruled parts of the chart experience a decline, but there might be an opportunity to mitigate it

  • The mind is better turned toward deep contemplation, stillness brings a recognition of being awash in the divine

  • Typical mental functions of rationality and discernment experience a miscalculation, but an opportunity for clarity and course correction then presents itself

  • The strong voice of a youth is elevated because of a negative event (see Emma Gonzalez speech from Parkland High School being uplifted after yet another tragic, preventable school shooting)

  • Something from the past is surprisingly recovered

  • Confusion or dissonance opens into the highest clarity

With Mercury being eclipsed in a fixed sign, and so close to the Sun, it is a good time to evaluate the strength of the mind. It is beneficial to consider being intentional about where the attention is placed and what it is being given to. Is it being surrendered, and if so, willingly or unwillingly. Is it being directed by outside agents or by personal intention.

Eclipse season is officially closed with this New Moon lunar eclipse. Now what remains is to assimilate the events of eclipse season, which the upcoming several week long emphasis on the sign of Pisces could help with.

But now I ask you, do you resonate with the above? How did the New Moon eclipse show up for you?

With love,


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