Fate – Alphonse Mucha. 1920.

Jupiter has now been in Scorpio since October 2017, so a full four months. It has initiated all of the contacts it will make to the two outer planets it will be conversation with for the duration of its stay in Scorpio, Neptune and Pluto. It will remain in Scorpio until November 2018, when it attains the supremacy of its power in the sign Sagittarius.

While Jupiter is in Scorpio, the qualities of Scorpio are heightened and magnified. One acknowledged aspect of Scorpio is its potential healing ability. Scorpio’s association with healing comes from its realm action, dealing with emotional material, and often the stuff that most folks generally choose and would rather not touch with a 10 foot pole. It’s the painful, gunky, traumatic, ugly, heavy, heavy stuff.

That’s also the stuff that will liberate a person, if it is grappled with and worked through in whatever way the individual requires. Some people might need an intense program to grapple with their stuff. Some people might be constituted in such a way that they just need something simple to gain back their trapped energy.

Jupiter, a benevolent planet, being situated in Scorpio, suggests:

  • The nozzle is open and Jupiterian qualities of brightness, synthesis, opportunity, possibility, openness, joviality are flowing through the Scorpio way of being

  • The Scorpio’s being encompasses depth, animalistic instinct, relentless curiosity, exhausting whatever is at hand

This is the time to heal at the root, and not simply perform the things that look like healing.

With this much substantial Capricorn influence in the sky —  heavyweights Saturn and Pluto both placed in the sign —  both in a friendly angle to Jupiter in Scorpio, there is nothing about the performance of healing that can be superficial.

The presence of the North Node in Leo indicates that there ought to be a performance — and that is, besides, part of the reality we are saturated in to a large extent. The media is often a performance. Social media is often a performance.

But the combination of these planets point to aiming to flow forth from the place of realness and integrity that is uncovered when pain, desire, the past, repressed emotions are re-constellated in the consciousness with full awareness. By the lights of Scorpio, Capricorn, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, this process should lead to real life honest to god no faksies, healing at the core.

Jupiter’s presence definitely lubricates the process. People and positive situations should be around to help. Identify them by looking for Jupiter figures — those that are resourceful, jolly, speak in superlatives and BIG terms, often with big toothy smiles plastered on their face, those who see opportunity and possibility or come bearing the same, those who are there to help.

These people filter reality through a wide angle lens that picks up colors more crisply. It is a gift that during this time, with what is being asked of us now, there is something there that serves to unify and bring good things together.



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