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From February 18 – March 7 there is an emphasis in the sign of Pisces, with several planets moving through the sign of the Fish. In the first week of this period the planets will also be swimming toward King Neptune.

This congregation of planets in Pisces can have an incredible sensitizing effect, for some more than others. Both intuition and the emotional body are amplified. It is a fertile, open time to access one’s most steadfast longings and yearnings. Very Pisces, very Neptune words.

Yet so much water also brings the energy down close to the ground, and inward toward an internal sense of gravity. Avoid feelings of being waterlogged, helplessness, or existential ennui by setting achievable goals, and cultivating hope. Other things that can help are doing one tangible action that moves things forward every time you can manage, and connecting intimately with a bright and hopeful friend. Exercising is a great, fiery corrective for a tidal wave of water. Gentle hatha yoga is perfect for sensitive Pisces time, when some might not feel up to doing cardio or lifting weights.

All water signs have tremendous memories, so this time can also call for performing any type of emotional memory recall, and any emotional cleansing that may be called for.

Not only are we more impressionable now, but so is the world and so are the ethers. This would be the time to use magical, metaphysical, or spiritual means to shape and influence your environment. Generate more positive thought forms than negative. Create a positive or healing space by playing mantras, or your choice of soothing music. Do a physical cleanse of your space in the way that suits you best. Keep a candle lit.

Since the world is more impressionable and more empathetic now, we are more likely to see the humanity in others, experiencing an inclination to serve them. This is wonderful, yet a caution would be to watch for going overboard with this inclination.

Pisces can be a gentle, giving, accepting sign so a good counterbalance to over-doing these qualities is to work your best protective measures. That could mean promising to protect your own energy and well-being by listening to yourself, and creating for yourself the environment you need. It could mean sidestepping a situation and returning when you’ve had time to reflect and come from a centered place, or allowing the situation to resolve itself.

Pisces times are very fertile, rich periods when great creative activity can be generated. With several planets hovering around Neptune for the next several weeks, the time is ripe for creating or enjoying music, watching or creating film, or allowing any creative endeavor to unfurl itself into manifestation.

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