Scorpio is a master of camouflage. It obscures what is unready for revelation, but sees through the veils others wrap themselves in to hide.

While Scorpio stalks silently among us, it betrays nothing of its inner experience. But when it’s bursting at the seams, it does not conceal but fills the whole room with itself.

The energy of a charged up Scorpio is always noticed. The force field they carry warps the space-time continuum around them. They are like magnets and that beautiful attraction at the freak show that is interesting until it is uncomfortably creepy.

Scorpio’s inner experience is profound and whole, as in 360 degrees, because at its best its understanding is complete.

At its worst its understanding is muddled with the confusion borne of paranoia. Or the delusion borne of the apparition of control. Or the blindness bestowed by the uncontemplative thirst for power. Or the destruction that lives close to uncontrolled consumptive desire.

Scorpio’s knowing is not reductive, but rich with extensive webs of connection and meaning. This is enhanced by its hawkish intelligence.

Hawkish because it misses nothing. Hawkish because it is an animal of prey. It is acquainted with the colors of the cords that extend from the core will to survive. Hawkish because it possesses the gift of vision.

Scorpio has an additional sense organ that tells it what is at the root of any hesitation, submission, assertion, show of strength, apparent weakness, real weakness, interpersonal dynamic. It can smell the iron count in your blood.

More often than not what is at the root is something ancient, neglected, pulsing, pus-filled, grimy and dark.

“May I lance that for you?”, Scorpio’s eyes say, and sometimes its words vibrate out externally before it has time to consider the preciously kept sensitivities before it. And it may receive a thank you later. Or it will be hated for bringing another to see that core.

The best and welcomed Scorpios stay for the recovery. They may offer a full menu of nourishment. They know the way, they’ve been before.

Happy Scorpio season. Feed your Scorpios and they’ll feed you back.


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