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Full Moon in Capricorn
July 9, 2017 at 12:07 am ET, 17 degrees 9 minutes Capricorn – Cancer

The Full Moon in Capricorn can raise difficult psychological and emotional material. These would be the kinds of experiences that are easier and more palatable to deny, overlook, or intentionally avoid. This includes power dynamics or differentials between people involved with one another, and personal internal and external responses to triggering.

Shining a light on something — looking at it with awareness — often comes with a need to take responsibility in some way by doing something about it. Having a difficult or taboo conversation might mean exploring territory that requires us to come up with personal boundaries or new policies in order to meaningfully engage and make progress with the material. The alternative approach is to stuff it down and circle back around to meet it in the same form, only to repeat the process. This approach is understandable — it is taken up as a form of protection, to save energy, or to avoid engaging with things that are fearsome.

While outside forces may emerge and require direct engagement, the energies present at this Full Moon could simply involve a private and personal engagement with the challenging material that is arising.

Pluto is a highly psychological planet. The ancients understood this in a sophisticated and symbolic form, and this led to the natural association and affinity of Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, and Pluto. As Mercury takes on the qualities of whatever planet it touches, when Mercury and Pluto are put together, highly concentrated psyche is generated. It can sustain force on a line of thought until it is has bee thoroughly exhausted. The danger in this singular ferocity of focus may be apparent to you.

The call of this Full Moon is to meet what is emerging in the full light of consciousness. Invite it out into the light of the back deck for tea.

For many people, playing with this energy individually and internally might be a luxury, as, for one, Pluto is one of the easiest planets to see in others before we see and own its qualities and origin in ourselves and two, that fact under these astrological skies makes it just as likely that others will see that Pluto in us. With oppositions from a Mars at the end of its cycle, we may be challenged directly or indirectly by others who wish to pin Pluto on us in order to work out their own stuff.

In one of its forms, Pluto has to do with the force of desire. Desire is a funny thing that is often packaged in several layers of avoidance bubble wrap, until it becomes distant and plastic. Desire is a force of power, and developing a real relationship with it is a means to working productively with Pluto.

As an outer planet, Pluto has to do with mundane or global events that have to do with the workings of societies and broad swaths of people. In its personal expression, Pluto is a highly concentrated internal energy. The implication of this is that navigating, acknowledging, sorting through, processing and undertaking integration of Pluto material is an inside job. The importance of meeting Pluto face to face internally, and taking steps toward making internal emotional shifts cannot be overstated. It is a meaningful process that begins to ripple out into one’s external environment. While the actors and scenarios in the external environment may or may not themselves change, the most consequential development is that the way one meets the external environment changes.

There is a vigilance associated with Pluto that can turn into an unhealthy obsessiveness, but that vigilance can also be wielded as a strength. Pluto’s relentless pressure and focus can be likened to the archetype of the hunter. The hunter is always a bit more, not much more but a bit more, savvy than the prey; the hunter must always remain one or two steps ahead of the prey.

So it’s a heavy theme for a heavy Full Moon. There is nothing light about a Moon in Capricorn, it is a sign that is ruled by the heavy planet Saturn. We are also in the season of water and earth, the heaviest elements.

Yet the lightness of this Full Moon comes with Jupiter, which makes a square aspect to the lunation, and amplifies its themes. Whatever will emerge during this lunation will be felt and known quite clearly as Jupiter magnifies it.

But Jupiter is planet of benevolence, and its presence at the Full Moon presents some pointers. It speaks of bringing fairness and justice into our relationships with others. This might come about as a result of personal agency — decisions you make — or as a result of the will of the larger forces that play in our lives, or as a result of our dance with those larger forces (your worldview may vary).

It also speaks to devising a creative resolution to a power differential. This might come as a shift in perspective, taking a broader view of the situation (as contrasted with Pluto’s narrowness, which while it can be exhaustive, can tunnel-vision with the best of them, and to its detriment), and willingly injecting generosity, joy, optimism, beauty and music, beautiful surroundings and thorough consideration for the other and the broader picture into the situation. Whatever Jupiter flavored adjustments can be made will in some way impact something tangible and measurable in the world, due to the physicality of the Moon being in an earth sign.

The Moon joins with Pluto every month. It is often a fleeting influence that is nonetheless felt as an undertow, that can all to easily be swept under the rug. This Full Moon represents a pause in that process, an encouragement to pick the rug up, examine what has been stored beneath it, and sweep the dust and grime out the door and into the light of day.

Allow the strength of the Sun in Cancer to serve as a reminder that we are held in the grace of forces whose greatness we cannot fathom, who smile lovingly at the attempts of our own feeble wills to direct the story of our own lives, and all the same love and want the best for us, if we will only appeal to them.

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