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The Weary Moon. Edward Robert Hughes. Watercolor with gold and silver.

All waters run deep during the high days of summer.  Deeds demonstrated on the surface have an origin point that stretches back the long length of rivers to a water source that is the genesis of these moments.

Mars will be exactly opposite Pluto within the next 12-24 hours, but its felt effect has been in play for about a week. Chiron stationed retrograde at 3:09 AM EDT, saturating the sky with its Piscean blue-purple rays of emotional emergence. Chiron offers a cipher to discern the flow and subtle movements of the secret lives of our emotions.

Under these Cancer skies we are reminded that others have sensitivities that we do not know and likely cannot fathom. A kind deed, a casual word, or a playful jest made in passing can reach back and soothe or prod the ancient roots of a long standing ache.

It is kind to exercise kindness at this time when interacting with others, and to extend to others a measure of understanding if they unknowingly tap at personal sore spots. Defensiveness in the mode of the hard-shelled crab, could come in the form of not letting on about the sensitivity, avoiding situations that might raise it, or sliding in or out of confrontational situations in a sideways, roundabout, or elusive manner.

The opposition is an aspect of Saturn. Saturn is symbolic of established precedent. Pluto’s retrograde motion likewise reaches back into the underbelly of the past. As Mars creates this aspect to Pluto, the confrontations and reflections that wound could be based on a historical track record, or the perception of one.

Be mindful that responses to situations are arising from a place of intentional awareness of the present moment rather than from an emotional memory of the past.

Under this aspect it is also possible that others are intentionally out to confront while wielding a sword that wounds. Watch for the truth in the matter, and take responsibility for your own protection as well as your own actions.

Mind the possibility of projections. It could be that the bogeyman out there is a figment of personal memory presented as a compass pointing in the direction of the path that leads to the fount of healing.

Chiron’s strong presence as it stations concurrent to the Mars-Pluto aspect is an invitation to allow the waters to flow and to follow them through the logic of their own winding and bending tributaries. That liquid might start out as poison yet offer up beads of medicine in the faithful travel alongside it, through all the pains and temptations to recoil that may emerge along the way.


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