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There are two main highlights of this week’s astrology. The first is Mars in Cancer combust the Sun and its square to Uranus, and the second is the light and cheerful energy coming from Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Libra, and Mercury in Leo.

Mars in Cancer combust the Sun finds Mars at the end of its phase. This is an “old Mars”, a Mars at the end of its life before it becomes purified and reborn.

What are the implications of an old Mars in Cancer, in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer?

This configuration points to actions that are loaded with emotional meaning. This is action, conversation, perception, or experience that is meaningful because it has the gravity of history behind it. Since Mars and the Sun are in protective Cancer, a wise move to make would be to consider the emotional history behind what is happening, as well as the actions you and others are taking or planning on taking. There is a depth of meaning and implication here that goes much deeper than surface appearance or consideration. It would be wise to respect the status of this old Mars by giving full-bodied thought to outer actions in the world, coming from yourself or others.

The cazimi of Mars, when Mars enters the heart of the Sun, will happen for a couple of days over July 26 to July 28. At this time the Sun and Mars will be in fiery Leo, indicating a rebirth of some aspect of personal identity that is demonstrated by outer action in the world — possibly grand, theatrical, or large scale outer action. This is action that is heroic, that has as its seed the courage to bear all trials.

Another facet of this Mars is the presence of anger that is out of control. This kind of configuration can instigate heat in the emotional body, and produce destructive inner or outer actions. If this resonates with you then it would be worthwhile to do things to cool down, to create boundaries with others who may not exercise self discipline in this regard, and to pursue deeper forms of sustained support from others to manage this tendency that is pronounced in the skies right now.

Coming back to the astrology of this week, Mars maintains an active role in the astrology as it figuratively gets older, and forms a square to Uranus in Aries.

It is an interesting combination of aspects, because on the one hand Mars is a planet that is fast and potentially reckless. This kind of influence placed in a sensitive sign like Cancer really requires careful handling. On top of that, Mars in Cancer square Uranus shows the potential for acting out, acting rebelliously or impulsively, in an effort to break a standoff,  pursue freedom, or act in the name of some higher cause or value. Watch for taking impulsive action to make something happen or to let loose of a situation. On the other hand, it is possible to find freedom with this combination, but remember to respect the history and the meaning contained in the symbolism of this old Mars.

The other aspects for the week are more fun and cheery, and provide a beautiful counterbalance to the weightiness of the Cancer placements. On July 14, Mercury in Leo makes a sextile to Jupiter in Libra. On July 18, Venus in Gemini perfects a trine to Jupiter in Libra.  These are light, airy, demonstrative, fun-loving, and gregarious placements. Their effect is applying from now. Mercury in Leo in a sextile with Jupiter in Libra shows a great, expansive idea or dialogue, or inspiration from the arts. It also shows a bit of potential for big talk, which can be fun if the atmosphere is light and playful.

Venus in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra, its effect felt from now, is a beautiful aspect that shows the expansion of all the potential of love, beauty, money, and art. This is a conversational, verbal combination that says that dialogue and intellect will play a role in growing the good things in life. There is another side of the benefics which can really expand a situation so all its facets, good and bad, are writ large and made clear for easy viewing, especially with the mixed reception involved in this trine BUT. It’s such a sweet aspect that I’ll just leave it at that.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

With love,

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