Chiron and Achilles. Giuseppe Crespi. 


Chiron Retrograde: 7:10 am EDT June 27, 2016, 25 degrees Pisces 15 minutes
Chiron Direct: 4:53 am EST December 1, 2016, 20 degrees Pisces 40 minutes

Chiron stationed direct yesterday, after 5 months in retrograde motion.

In this moment of Chiron’s station, a potent healing energy is being released. Chiron is powerful on its own, but in multiplicitous Pisces, the sign of the sacred and of healing by water —  the emotional bodies of life — its power in the current day and age is multiplied many times over.

The significations of planetary bodies emerge more strongly when they are stopped still in a Universe that is moving hundreds of millions of miles per hour. At this moment, access to numerous and varied healing insights are immediately available.

Listen for the untying of a knot. This is now a conscious choice. An expanded field is opened in which there is the ability to know what requires healing, and to make a choice to heal.  The route of healing is inspired by a far out philosophy or modality, that is advanced and unusual, and that will take work and time to implement. It promises an elevation of the soul or spirit that is undertaken internally, and becomes obvious externally by a commitment to that inner change.  This is described by Chiron’s orbit between Saturn and Uranus.


Chiron’s themes include: a deep wound that inspires a profound quest for healing, mentorship, focus and crystallization, advanced or alternative medicine, and in Pisces — the erasing of ego and discovery of what is beyond that container, access to shades and nuance of emotion, deep sensitivity to suffering, inspiring empathy, being able to hold contradictory emotional realities steady at once, the special abilities that develop in being an outlier or outcast. This is also one of the most potent configurations for the development of real compassion, self-belief, self-esteem, and service to the world — which can be invisible, but enduring.

Chiron has been retrograde for many months, turning the healing journey inward. Rather than meaning that this was largely happening out of sight, it does mean that the healing work was done underground, in the dark, the only place this kind of work can meaningfully sprout. With the direct station the shoots of that process rise above the ground, and with them the ability to consciously direct the flow of the healing work.

Ask yourself, what is emerging for you in these days, and can you find the thread that extends backward through your life going back several months?

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