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New Moon in Sagittarius, 7 degrees 43 minutes. November 29, 2016, 7:18 AM EST.

The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place in one of the brightest and most optimistic signs of the zodiac, near the heaviest and most serious sign of the traditional seven. As the Sun and Moon merged, the Sun was moving toward its annual meeting with Saturn. Over the next 7-10 days, the meaning of the Sun’s illumination of Saturn will become more and more pronounced, due in no small part to the Sun’s escaping its square with Neptune.

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When these faster moving planets, or lights, come around to the separated configurations of the smaller ones, they resurrect the stories that have already passed. Thus the Sun, by its apparent speed and luminosity is tying together that Saturn Neptune square that washed out much of 2016. Luckily, the Saturn Neptune square is in the past, and the Sun is coming up fast on Saturn, which serves as a grounding and sobering track change to reality check land.

Everyone has Saturn transiting somewhere in their charts right now. The work that each of us is doing is more clear now than at almost any other point in the year. At this time, life organizes itself around us so as to make the work each of us is being called to do very clear. Saturn has been in Sagittarius (except for a brief dip back into Scorpio) since December 2014, and at this time the progress report on personal Saturn lessons thus far is easily discernible. One only needs to be curious, and to take a look around.

This Sagittarius New Moon begins a new lunar cycle with regard to the Saturn work each of us is doing. This may be constellating itself quite naturally in your life, but if it isn’t you may wish to soon set New Moon plans in motion in line with your Saturn lessons. An astrology reading is a good road map to help you do just that. 

In Jupiter’s sign, Saturn gives form to a collection of themes. Among these are the themes of mentorship, responsible dissemination of information, and responsible expansion or growth. The last two points are an interesting line of thought to pursue in light of Saturn being the ruler of Pluto in Capricorn, a long term transit whereby global economic and political systems are undergoing a deep audit of their foundations, and being met with the potentially useful counterweight of increasingly open channels of citizen media.

By the 9th of December, the Sun Saturn conjunction will be so close that Saturn will be considered cazimi, within the heart of the King. Astrologer Bernadette Brady has stated that when Saturn becomes invisible in the sky because of the Sun’s proximity to it, it is as if the King is acting behind the scenes. Rather than combust, she uses the term enchanted to describe planets whose visibility is swallowed by the glare of the Sun’s light, meaning that they are gone, hidden, or in another place. This would be an invitation to understand Saturn processes in a different way than usual.

Sagittarius the Centaur. Guido Bonnatti Liber Astronomiae.

This New Moon launches a lunar cycle that is about expanded vision, hope, and possibility, and the solid work, planning, and organization required to realize far-sighted hopes and visions. An influence of creating timeless structures that are vehicles for liberation is also theme present at this New Moon.

Take the time to notice what is coming up for you in your life through the first week of December. Take notes. Note what you are dissatisfied with, what you would like to build on, what support you have, what you wish to improve, and what progress you have made. These things are easy to see now. This is the work that will be ongoing through the remainder of Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius, through December of 2017. It is work worth getting right. Once you’ve noted all this, take a page from Saturn’s work and make a plan, put it in a calendar, and stick to it. Next year is a pretty sensitive Saturn year, and the next month is a great time to get solid footing.

Wishing you an excellent lunar cycle ahead!



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