A student asked, “Can Essential Nature be destroyed?”
Coyote said, “Yes, it can.”
The student asked, “How can Essential Nature be destroyed?”
Coyote said, “With an eraser.”

—Robert Aitken

Full Moon in Gemini, December 13 2016, 7:05 PM EST, 22 degrees Gemini 26 seconds.

Gemini is a double bodied sign, and the themes of duality in the realm of the mind apply to it. This lunation activates the themes of questioning the usefulness of endless data analysis, pivoting of positions, and walking higher up the terrain to take the moral high ground. Beyond these and at the base, the core theme of this lunation is about honesty. While Gemini’s strength lies in being able to harbor and connect disparate pieces of data, and this Full Moon presents an invitation to step beyond the to and fro of Gemini, which can at times be at cross-purposes with itself, to hear the low song of this lunation’s more challenging aspects: an opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius and a square to Chiron in Pisces.

While Gemini is one of signs of the zodiac most oriented to logic, facts, and analysis, Pisces is one of the signs that is most about dropping below the level of the mind to activate being from the level of the heart. The Full Moon in Gemini delivers a message of using the strength of the intellect to actively reflect on a central organizing principle — a philosophy to live by, a code of ethics/behavior, an ultimate goal, a set of principles, a proven leader —  to recalibrate inner perceptions and outer expressions so that they are each sourced from the deeper space of the heart.

In that space the actions of healing change that matter most are those that begin with the self, within the self. These are the most intimate and most private, yet evidence of their existence seeps out in actions taken outwardly. Shedding layers that allow the true self to shine through is an intimate process that is the work an individual takes up as a personal call back into the center of the self. Yet this kind of work can be done within a safe, enclosed space with the help and encouragement of  a close other person, or a select group of people, close friends, therapists, supportive family members, mentors, wise old healers, grace, and one’s own willingness. It is by design that the process is carefully contained. When making wine, air-tight containers are required to cut off yeast from oxygen on the outside, so that the yeast can create the by-products of alcohol and carbon dioxide.

In Jupiter’s sign, Saturn stands across the sky from the Gemini Moon, speaking to the process of coherence through aligning the self with what is enduring. Saturn remains in Sagittarius through late December 2017. For the next year, Saturn is encouraging honest, deep and focused reflection about one’s beliefs, and making sure that integrity in those beliefs is being honored by first knowing what they are, and living them to the best of one’s ability, understanding that there is a reflexive space beyond duality that can inform life in the world of dualism. These thoughts and beliefs have been easier  than usual to see, having been highlighted by the Sun’s recent conjunction to Saturn, followed by the Full Moon shining its light on Saturn as it stood directly across the sky from it.


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