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“Just as Darwin discovered the law of development or organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history: the simple fact, hitherto concealed by an overgrowth of ideology, that mankind must first of all eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion, etc.”

~Frederick Engels’ speech at the grave of Karl Marx.

“People start to get mighty agitated when their stomachs are full.”

~ Paraphrase of Peter Frase quoting Karl Marx.

“The opposite of a great truth is another great truth.”

~Niels Bohr.

Full Moon in Taurus, 22 degrees 38 minutes Taurus Scorpio,  8:32 AM EST, November 14, 2016.

Things to remember for this Full Moon in Taurus:

* The Moon represents a web. In finding its zodiacal home in Cancer, the Moon’s meaning extends to describe interconnectedness wherever in the zodiac it might be found and whatever it might be doing.

* Connection can be found in the simplicities of life that sustain us. The web that connects us consists in the solid, eternal basics necessary for a life lived with heart. The food we eat together. The love we share with each other. The connection that can be measured in tangibles which allow for the more fluid expression of emotion.

* While the Moon is in Taurus, ask yourself and take note of what nourishes your being and soul. Write it down with your hand on paper. Make that a mainstay in your life from this day.

* Always be giving away the best parts of yourself. (For a Taurus Moon with a Pisces Chiron sextile, this is a weighty one to sit with.)

* The immediacy of novelty need not come at the expense of time-honored wisdom. Sustained change is generated best by disciplined application over time, rather than a series of one off anti-establishment explosions that relieve the the stagnancy of the status quo. Sustained change is better served released by controlled pressure valve over time.

* Death is a bodily disintegration and re-constitution beyond the physical.

* Instantaneousness is a quality of intuition. It is also a quality smart phones & other electronics have. On the other hand, reasoned responses on the part of humans require measured deliberation over time.

* The high tide of the emotionality extends beyond the Full Moon through to the first week of December.

* Over the coming week, take extra caution to opt out of deception and deceptive situations. Go the extra mile to be clear in thought, and clear in communication. Do not exaggerate the usual and commonplace to the unusual and uncommon. Great energy is preserved, cleansed, and generated, when accurate representation in speech is exercised.

* Do not abandon, not for belonging nor excitement, the sober process of independent and circumspect judgement, but rather nourish this process in yourself and others.


We are being carried along a wave that is bigger than any of us individually.

This is no time for business as usual. If it were, I would tell you that Taurus, where this Full Moon is taking place, is the most maintain business-as-usualest sign there is.

Every two weeks I sit down to reflect on the New and Full Moons. I pull up a chart for the exact moment of the planetary event, and write the first draft of the piece. That one is usually a conglomeration of thoughts about the configurations I see in the chart, the symbolism presented. A meditation on the symbols spills out of me any way it needs to. Sometimes I write by hand, sometimes I use the machine. I write a first draft, stream of thought. Then I usually do another draft, the next day, and let it live as it is in that instance.


Taurus is so much about the stability that comes with doing things in a way that is sustained, comfortable, predictable.


Bit of shop talk for you, bit of a behind the scenes look and some tenderness. Because many of us feel tender, and the urge to escape that is to run away from the pain that is coursing through the collective now. Pain that needs to be processed and that we are all processing. I am talking about the gravity of the loss that is washing over like a wave through the U.S., with a Trump win.


Earth and the Moon are close this month. The closest they have been since January 1948, the last time the Moon swung by this near.


I want to tell you that the Moon is exalted, and it is Full, ripe and close. It is in fact all of these things.

I’ve learned from my teachers, from my studies and from my experience to pay attention to the soft words of the planets as they speak. To listen to them living through us, and to try my best to listen for them on their own terms. This month, right now, their words are not soft, they are roaring.  And yet the the principles of astrology are eternal. And yet the principles of astrology are living.


(And I am located. In a female body, in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world, in an embodiment with particular opinions and beliefs and practices and it would be less than the full truth to tell you, and I know you know and it bears repeating & calling attention to, that my astrology is soaked in all these things. Anything anyone says or does is soaked in all their things.)


The nearness of this month’s Moon brings its light into our experience in fuller force. It is traveling a shorter distance. The light then is not as diffuse, it is more potent. Full Moons are a culmination, a completion, a release, a high tide; the waters of emotion come in strong.

The light of the Moon is a reflection of the light coming from the Sun, which is in Scorpio. That is to say that from the perspective of Earth, the Sun is passing through the 30 degree segment of sky designated as Scorpio in the tropical zodiac.

Figuratively, the Sun is in Scorpio. Through the eyes of the heart, the Sun is in Scorpio, and the light we perceive, absorb, soak and process, is the light of the ego expressed through Scorpio.

The light of Scorpio is illuminating not only the Moon but all the other planets in the sky.


This Full Moon is about the ongoing negotiation between full comfort and existence within a deeply uncomfortable reality. One only exists because the other does. Strength as a concept is found in the etymological roots of the word comfort, from the Latin, confortare – to strengthen much, then, broken down into con-fortis, strong together/ with strength.


Toxicity is eliminated through consistent application of strong healing principles. Chiron in supportive angle to this Full Moon says pain is here and so is skilled, intuitively created medicine. And they both exist only because of and through the existence of the other.

From a God’s eye perspective, we can’t know why evil is allowed to flourish. Or even if what appears to be evil, actually is so. In the context of religion or spirituality, this is a difficult question to grapple with in a time in history when a still-dominant narrative is to disintegrate identification with the body while at the same time it is necessary to be identified with the body and all material underpinnings that follow.

For now, we are being carried along on a current of energy that is bigger than any of us individually. This is the time to strengthen the webs of blood family or acquired family, to thicken the (s)kin, to be strong, to allow the body’s fluids to flow through the innermost chambers of the heart, to protect the vulnerable, to look beyond existing protocol, to dig in to summon the strength and do the work that needs to be done. To consistently care for oneself and others as a matter of principle. To nourish alliances and create new ones, and link those in an ever widening and ever strengthening web.

Wishing you a nourishing Full Moon in Taurus. I hope you can get out with loved ones to see it in person.

With love,

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