Chiron / Chiron in Pisces / Mercury / pisces / Scorpio

Mercury trine Chiron: A Healing Voice


Albert DreBler Frauen am Brunnen

Mercury trine Chiron gives Chiron voice and easy access to its messages. Listen today for a message about healing and remedy. This will come through the emotional body, or through emotional realizations. These are useful messages in that they offer a check in. With that information, you can more easily draw a map of the emotional body. This aspect is between planets in fixed and mutable signs, which together are more about sustained surveying and exploring of what is already present, than bringing in a new energy. It’s a great aspect for taking stock, and especially bringing in impactful remedial measures that are wanting to be brought forth.

Any modalities that are sought under this influence should address the root of emotional imbalance, taking in the status of the whole being, mind, body, and spirit. This aspect is about feeling and noting the influences of the water in which you are swimming, and purifying that water by means that make the most sense to you. Listen for the voice of Mercury trine Chiron today.

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