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 Neptune stations direct November 19, 2016 at 9 degrees 14 minutes Pisces, 11:38 PM EST.

The astrology of the Fall of 2015 to the Fall of 2016 has had the Saturn Neptune square as the background story to the rest of the planetary movements within that timeframe. In hindsight this has been a story about the bendability of reality. The most popular collective narrative about reality is that 3-D physical reality is supposed to operate by laws that don’t morph. The hardness of a rock, the integrity of the safe structures in our lives, the certainty of the solidity of our own personalities, are meant to be guarantees. For the past year this has not been so much the case, as unusual forces and the un-knowable laws that govern them write the lines that steer the collective psyche. To what end? The nature of the long-turning outer planets dictates that it’s too soon to tell.

We do know several steadfast facets of Neptune though. In an individual’s natal chart, planets touched by Neptune can show up in life in a medleyed constellation of performances. Planetary principles can be refined, deeply sensitized, erased, made porous, or exalted to divine heights by Neptune’s touch.

When Neptune is stationing in the sky as it is doing now, earth is lapping it in the track, and as it gets nearer the gasses constantly diffusing out from Neptune temporarily overtake and envelop the earth. We feel this planet’s message more profusely.

During this station we may be feeling more sensitive to vibrations of other people, to the foods we eat and drinks we drink, to chemicals we have on or in our bodies, to drugs or alcohol. Overwhelm happens more easily. More rest than usual may be needed.

The imagination is richer now, the pictures more vivid, the compulsion to express creatively is stronger.

Neptune in Pisces can also bring on the heights of being seized by a genie or spirit; a divine madness can overtake us.

Neptune in Pisces creates an access pathway to a multiplicity of emotional nuances. This influence can be the walkway to profound creative experiences of music, art, and performance, and through love and emotion. This is the same principle that softens and sensitizes the self through the practice of active compassion.

Neptune is conjunct the South Node of the Moon. This speaks of the need to gently and kindly unravel and untangle ourselves from any seaweeds of delusion, illusion, or unhelpful fantasy. Any binding threads of imagined need for sacrifice or martyrdom. Any propensity to escape by whatever means, imagining away, numbing, confounding, giving up in despair or hopelessness. This configuration, with Virgo involved at the opposite pole, speaks of refining, making improvements, and doing the work in the face of seeming or certain failure, overwhelming odds — simply doing it because it must be done. This is an act of faith.

The atmosphere surrounding Neptune’s station begins to fade in intensity toward the middle-end of next week.

Read below for brief guidelines on how this may be showing up in your life. Remember that as an outer planet Neptune has to do more with those parts of life that concern all of us, rather than those that have to do with us personally as individuals. Read for your rising sign as well as your Sun sign.

Aries: An influx of psychic activity that comes through dreams or through time spent alone. This may stir a vision of how you might better serve others.

Taurus: A heightened flow of activity with and among your friends. These are likely to be the sensitive and ferocious, offbeat and compassionate sort. A new clarity in love and romance.

Gemini: More work to be done in profession and career. Releasing tales about what is and is not possible in this part of your life; moving forward from a place of stronger foundational stability.

Cancer: Flowing inspiration through fantastic reading, prompts a mountaintop’s perspective look at the world and your place in it. An ability to funnel this flow into discrete thought-lines that have practical use to you.

Leo: Emotional fantasies about all the intimacies you’ve shared with others. Flowing into the real re-organization you make in spending habits to express what these mean to you.

Virgo: Close relationships with others reflect to you all the facets of yourself you feel more free to explore when someone else lovingly pushes you to push your edge.

Libra: Much to do at work. There may be deep pleasure to be had at taking care of all the various ins and outs and need tending. There may be more time needed in solitude to re-fuel for additional jaunts of expansion and experience.

Scorpio: How much love can you selflessly give? To your passion projects? To your children? To your lovers? How does feeling it all and giving it expression flood your social life with solid forward movement?

Sagittarius: Attention required at home and to family. Where are the beams bursting, and where are they strong? And what does this say about where you are internally overflowing? What solid support can you give yourself here?

Capricorn: The slow unraveling of a knot in your understanding. The words you need to say so you can know from a higher perspective, what’s happening down here.

Aquarius: The seeping understanding of the games we all have to play in the material world. The strength that exists in the knowledge that not one of us is exempt; we are all woven into it by an invisible bond.

Pisces: The gentle flood of all the emotions flowing inside you, coming into your body and being. Giving this to someone close, growing and learning from the way they hold it.

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