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The Moon is joining Saturn within the next few hours so lets think about some things to keep in mind if you are having a Saturn transit. This should be especially useful for the mutable signs right now – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and also anyone having their Saturn Return.

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Guidelines for major Saturn transits:

1) First, know this. Saturn makes things real. That means fleshy 3-D real. That means if there is dust, you will sneeze, and if you are walking on flooring supported by a rotting foundation well you’re gonna fall through. It also means if you have been diligently tending to your affairs in, and I emphasize, full awareness of reality, any trials (there will be trials), will not harm you but actually, likely reward you in some way. It might take a while. Saturn will make you aware of what needs to be handled with maturity and responsibility, what has not been, and will impartially demand this kind of behavior from you.

2) Saturn protocol requires that you acknowledge reality for what it is. Not for what you hope it is. Not for what you want it to be. Not what you think it will be in 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Not what you think you can manifest with positive thinking & faith. What it is, today, right now. Take stock, act from that place. If you need to cry, do that for sure, then get to work, and keep working. And make sure to take care of your physical needs as you do, though you may feel more austere about these overall.

3) Toil & trouble. During Saturn times, you just have to love the grind. I mean you have to make love to it and love it and make it the modus operandi of your life for the time being. In short, do the work, and find a way to enjoy it if possible. Saturn has the effect of dropping you down into ultra-physical reality and there is not much to do but work. However, work produces results. Quality work produces outer rewards (quick note see next 4) Also when you do work hard to overcome an obstacle, and get through it, this little thing called confidence begins to bloom, and it’s beautiful.

4) Marsilio Ficino considered Saturn to be friendly to people who were kind of sequestered from the demands of the outer world. This is because Saturn’s function of slowing and deepening really lends itself to profound contemplation. Saturn seasons are a time for taking account of micro-data, the granular parts of life, and organizing them intelligently. Ficino also had a pretty strong and prominent Saturn – in Aquarius rising in the first house. This did also have its detrimental effect on his body and vitality, as well.

5) Melancholy is said to be the state in which we can get very close to the soul. It’s ok to be sad. It’s okay to need to take time alone to do more work. It’s okay not to be smiling and happy for a while. However, I would add here, that it’s important to balance this tendency out. Make sure you have a network of support. Tell trusted others about what you are feeling and going through. Hang around “solar”, “jovial” people. People who are often bright, smiling, happy, and optimistic.

Saturn transits can last a while, about 9 months – year in their fullest intensity. Things become real, and that can be a good thing if you’ve been working toward something. I often imagine atoms appearing out of nowhere, and quickly organizing themselves into a material sphere before me, as Saturn’s “make real” function.

I think one of the greatest gifts of astrology is the knowledge of timeframes. I think of all the people who suffer horribly but who would benefit so much from knowing that tough times don’t last forever, and the story goes on. I personally find it very helpful to be curious about what the next chapter reads like, when the current one is challenging. 🙂



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