Full Moon in Aries. October 16 2016, 12:23 AM EDT. 23 Aries 14.

The Full Moon in Aries arrived with a pervasive buzz. The kind of buzz that earthquakes would feel like if they happened sonically and traveled through the air. It is Uranus’ presence that was so near to this Full Moon that served this up.

Uranus’ mode of operating is to break up energetic stagnancy. It smirks at human beings from its orbital corner of the Universe as the two-leggeds slog through dense 3D physical reality, holding on to all kinds of things they may have out grown – people, jobs, relationships, and most of all under this Full Moon —  self-conceptions.

This Full Moon reflects a moment wherein a core part of the self is illuminated and unleashed into the conscious mind. As every Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun standing directly opposite in the sky, and the Sun is currently in Libra, the primal thrust of self-essence occurs in relation to other people.

Aries can be rough and ready, yet Libra shines a light on the values of charm and diplomacy. This Full Moon asks in what way we ought to shape ourselves to be pleasing to others, and what drawbacks and benefits accompany doing so.

By the time the Full Moon was exact at 23 degrees Aries-Libra, another quality is reflected just as strongly. That is one of extreme pressure on the mind. On one hand, this quality, described by Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, describes the potential for fixation of mind, and paranoid thought processes. The release valve for that is in melting defensiveness by assuming the best in others. On the other hand, this quality, fading in prominence with the passing of the Full Moon, describes a mind that has access to unbridled powers of discrimination. The method of exploiting that was and is as ever, at the user’s discretion. Energetic combinations of Mercury and Pluto also unveil a kind of holographic reality rife with signs and symbols, and where the truth sought after is more vividly reflected in unseeming situations.

For several days after the Full Moon in Aries, Luna travels through Taurus. Grounding, tending to the body, and making something real (read: tangible; congealed) of Full Moon insights and revelations are all available energies to access. There were revelations and insights, as something quite “advanced” and especially clear like crystal glass or the tone of a bell, should have come through. Take these insights and note them as Uranus remains on an extended journey through Aries, catalyzing progress on notions of “me-ness” and heroic pioneering.

Grounding —  by laying on the earth or walking on it barefoot, hanging out near a large body of salt water, exercising the physical body —  is a good idea post Uranus-Full Moon, as we are all humans swimming through 3D physical reality. Uranus insights arrive at the speed of lightning, or intuitive perception, yet translating them in human terms requires adherence to laws to which humans are subject.




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