The Moon in Aquarius applies a trine to the Sun in Libra exact at 18 degrees Libra.
The trine between the Moon and the Sun is robust and life giving. From the vantage point of earth, these are the two biggest visible objects in the sky. Their correlative psychological weight is just as important. These are the most central principles that have the most influence in how the world is organized from day to day, and the colors that filter through as they each move through the signs — the Moon changing signs every 2.5 days, and the Sun doing so every 30 days.
The Sun is representative of the core purpose, ambition, and active pursuit in life. The archetypal significations derived from the sign the Sun is in tell its story. Aspects add another layer. During the Sun’s yearly transit of Libra it is a time to take stock: measuring what has come before, looking to what is coming ahead, and making adjustments where necessary.
The influence of the Moon extends into the environment around an individual like amniotic fluid. The significations of the Moon flow, linking objects that would otherwise be discrete in the light of the Sun. It is the symbol of the emotional body. In Aquarius the Moon enjoys the company of individuals, favors a steady flow of meeting new people, and occupying the periphery of situations rather than being directly involved in action.
Aquarius is one of four zodiacal signs that embodies the qualities of steadiness, stability, and tendency to preserve. In a harmonious aspect to the Sun today, there is a consonance of stated purpose and emotional will. This is a very social combination with both bodies in air signs, describing the energetic expression of thinking out loud in cooperation and collaboration to create new situations, moving forward in a way that benefits all.

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