Fernand Khnopff.

After being retrograde since August 30th,, Mercury will station direct on Thursday September 22 at 14 degrees Virgo. Mercury will station in its exaltation degree in Virgo, and will be in a trine to Pluto. Notably, amplifying the direct station theme, Pluto stations direct within days of Mercury, on Monday September 26th at 14 degrees Capricorn.

Mythologically, Mercury and Pluto have a special affinity with one another. The fleet footed Mercury was the only god that could freely travel from the underworld to the earthly realm. Our symbolic observer foremothers and fathers noticed a connection between the conscious mind of Mercury’s domain and the deep unconscious of Pluto’s. Plutonian, ultra yin deep space is a reservoir of water containing over-ripe materials for the process of decay. Over time, under conditions of pressure and containment, decay yields fertile output, but not without the trying process sacrificing form. Buried material in Pluto’s realm can lie in wait for decades, periodically sending gurgling bubbles to the surface, (coaxing and guiding behavior in unseen ways), until the geyser is ready to erupt.

And then it does, for quite a while.

(Pluto transits take a couple of years, and that planet has a 248 year orbital period. The United States, formed in 1776, is now experiencing its Pluto return).

And then there is an unearthing of what lay beneath – precious minerals, long hidden drives, buried storylines, unacknowledged and unfulfilled desires, the throbbing magma-pulp of core essence that requires the Pluto process to become so concentrated as to require specialized handling.

Fernand Khonpff.

Mercury is a more straightforward quality of consciousness. Even more so in Virgo, where the mind is objective and literal, and seeks thorough conceptual understanding. No amount of discrete portions of information required for holistic insight is too much for the mind as it operates through the Virgo filter. In this there is a coin with two sides.

Both Mercury and Pluto are resuming direct motion within the week. They both perform a stop and pivot in the sky, acquiring and emanating a tremendous amount of force as they do. Mercury ruled things and Pluto ruled things are thus more amplified, and they are operating in synchrony with one another.

This particular Mercury retrograde links with the Pluto retrograde cycle and weaves both storylines together. Expect the sustained buzz of a clarifying process this week. Watch for conversations that open up naturally, and that seem to shine forth qualities of soul. Expect secret messages from unlikely messengers that are the wisdom, the key, the puzzle piece you are looking for. It is likely that things go better than planned. Expect for the core essence of truth to be revealed to your conscious mind. It may arrive within a penetrable complex of symbol. What emerges now has longer ranging effect, consequence, and impact than a typical Mercury retrograde station. This astrological moment is potent – I would recommend exploiting it in Pluto in Capricorn style by keeping the considerations of the past and the future as backdrops of any plans for practical improvements.

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