September’s End Planetary Overview

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Charles Conder. Hot Wind.

Before October enters our world, let’s take several deep clarifying breaths along with several clarifying looks at September, to wrap up this incredibly intense and eventful month and gain some footing as we look ahead at the rest of the year.

Mercury direct and moving forward through Virgo: 

The dust has settled. Take a look around and see things anew, with a fresh perspective. More clarity is available now, and for the duration of Mercury’s stay in Virgo, than has been for a long time. Plenty of incisive mental clarity is available to tap into. This is the time to get organized on all levels – emotionally, materially, creatively. The chips are falling where they may, and this time we can be certain that they have landed where they appeared to land. Granted that clarity of vision, orienting the self to the next steps is now a more straightforward undertaking. Through October 7th, we may still be snipping, adding to, or re-arranging the storylines that have been in effect for much of September. By the time Mercury enters Libra on October 7th, a fresh influx of new developments begins to take hold. What has come before will have been cleaned, measured, and weighed, and the steps to take from there will be clear.

Pluto Direct at 14 degrees Capricorn on September 26th at 11:02 am Eastern Daylight Time.

When a planet stops to go backward or forward in the sky (only apparently – this is still a tricky Universe and up is not actually up it’s just a direction, but of course it is up relative to how we human sized beings are oriented on this earth rock, so let’s all agree, for the sake of existence.), its power is amplified. Try that again.

When a planet stops to go backward or forward in the sky, is power is amplified. As the planet makes this shift in direct it is as if it is collecting an incredible number of super-neutrinos and immediately sending them back in continuously flowing rays throughout the solar system and beyond. As these rays make contact with the earth they enter our world through subtle fields of different forms of energy. Vibrational. Sound. Light.  Sometimes the rays specific to this planet enter the individual consciousness directly. Sometimes the rays enter into our beings, but not necessarily our conscious awareness, so that we have dreams associated with the energy of the planet that is changing direction. But dreams are not the only way these planetary energy fields can interact with our beings, they might also become apparent in real life situations “outside” of ourselves. As well, they may become apparent through a non-linear feedback loop in time, where we experience in a particularly poignant way the fruits of an action or decision we initiated long ago.

How I imagine a planet looks when gathering energy during a station. Article on neutrinos. Image source.

In the case of Pluto turning direct, a range of experiences may have arisen:

  • Feeling dour, dark and heavy for no particular reason

  • Feeling like we just emerged above ground after a long season of inner simmering – Relief.

  • Releasing heavy weight from the heart

  • Feeling energized, potent, and powerful

  • New or increased interest in esoteric and metaphysical subjects

  • Interest in the invisible conduction circuit of power and power dynamics

  • Sexual intensity

  • Intensity of desire, will, and focus

  • An inner cleansing or purging. An analogy to physical detoxification is befitting here. A super-abundance of toxins introduced into a system that is not prepared to dispose of them, by lymphatic flushing, hydration, and so on, will produce a temporary feeling of being ill until the toxins are fully cleansed from the system! To complete the analogy, a planetary energetic flush might take the form of simple self care, or a process of inner inquiry, or the application of your preferred compassionate forms of spiritual discipline, checking in to see if a change needs to be made, or just simply knowing that Pluto is stationing direct right now and this moment will pass in a few days’ time.

*This section is written from my verbalized imagination.

Mars has just entered Capricorn as of 4:07 am EDT September 27.

Mars in Capricorn is a once every 2 year affair. This is a Mars that does not quit. Mars in Capricorn excels at incremental action. In Capricorn Mars moves the needle just a bit every day, in the face of setbacks, failure, rejection, expectations not met, and every conceivable challenge. It does not stop. Thusly, in a year, a consequential 365 days of consistent daily action will have been produced. While Mars transits Capricorn, it is a time to shape the physical world in steps taken daily, fortified by the strength of the vision itself rather than the extant material conditions.

Actions are a reflection of the predominant thought forms. The more concentrated the thought forms are, the more potent the action. Deliberate action taken consistently, with an eye for what is being physically done is the horse this Mars rides. This is an excellent energy to welcome in after nearly a year of Saturn square Neptune.

A note here to say that while Mars in earth sign Capricorn is incredibly effective, it is possible that the emotional impact of carrying on no matter what, can be overlooked, so keep that in mind as you make plans for world domination, etc.

Saturn square Neptune now fading:

Oh my god. What was that. What happened. Who knew that the laws of physics, logic, all that is holy by virtue of being real and predictable, could actually not only be suspended but operate within a completely different but identical look-alike world that has its own set of bendy rules. What. Our poor, damp, soggy emotional lives. Our loose grip on certainty. Our desperate, unmet need to know for sure. On the other hand….. Adventure! Flux! Variety! Options! Transition! Creativity in abundance! Happily courting impermanence! Many possible truths! Not boring! Real Divinity! Actualized Providence! Exercising Faith! Showers of Grace In Your Face!

This is a great post-transit time to journal about, talk it out about, or get some good qualified help about (read: therapy and/or professional consultants). If you ever wanted to experience time travel…. Advice from a qualified professional speeds up time. Remember also that we all just went through this. Maybe buy the person’s lunch at the next table over.

Looking ahead, the world is getting a lot firmer. Traction is acquired more easily, momentum is more easily maintained, what is real is actually real, including consequences. All of this is also more readily discernible moving forward.

Peruse the Saturn Neptune tag on Atlas Astrology.

The New Moon in Libra coming up is on September 30th at 8 degrees Libra. See you again for that post, soon.

With love,

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