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The light of the Moon in Pisces is reflecting the radiance of the Sun in Virgo. Creativity hangs in the balance with precision. Straddling a ravine splitting contradictory worlds produces a duality of experience we are more able to hold in this Piscean moment. But there is the influence of Saturn squaring the nodal axis to take into consideration as well.

Reality is present in large measure at this eclipse, asking to be fully acknowledged in its starkness rather than embellished, blurred and painted over for the sake of creative freedom or a cushioned escape route. Now is the time to be purposeful about steering personal direction and desire. It is the time to consider what is path of importance is asking to be severed and what path holds so much importance that it is asking to be completed. The path of severance joins the culminating of the eclipsed Moon for a natural and timely purge of what needs to be released.

The path of completion is likely to be demanding, and visible results may or may not materialize immediately. The point is to walk the walk until it is finished. Completion and commitment may mean different things for different people. To uncover the best path for you personally, first and most importantly sit with your query or concern for a while. Ask for wisdom to find its way into your reality. Ask for input from others only after you feel you’ve heard the music that’s always playing within you.

For all the drama eclipses can bring, and I have seen instances of positive theatre unfolding at this time as well. The energies involved at this eclipse are complementary. We have a mutable Sun and a mutable Moon mingling with a mutable Chiron, all of these bodies squared by a mutable Mars. If flexibility, novelty, and options are what you need, they are available in spades.

Sensuality, rich and ceaseless creativity, and the ability to do that thing with the brain and heart where seemingly opposite ideas are entertained with ease, are all also accessible energy fields at this time.

One of the major keys to this lunar eclipse is that there is a pain or an ache without clear resolution. Approaching it dutifully with the whole spirit applied to making the situation better, is the way through to profound, consequential, lasting healing. This astrology is ripe for the onset of wholeness; calling the split off portions of the soul back in.

Even though the lunar eclipse itself is fleeting, eclipse effects can last for quite a while after the actual event takes place. Much lore exists about just how long eclipse effects last. Eclipses thread themselves through our lives in timeframes lasting from 90 days to one year to 18.6 years to 19 years. The latter two are the Saros cycles, which link eclipse storylines and vibrational realities across the centuries.  A mutable eclipse produces undulating effects that seem to trail on with no distinct end.*

This is a good Moon for visioning and dreaming. It is a good Moon for lingering in the forest after dark, soaking in the light of the stars and their lunar companion. It is a good Moon to forgive, to tell the truth, to be generous, and to express kindness. Starting with you.


Saturn will continue to square the nodal axis through about mid October 2016.

* Eclipses and You, Judith Hill

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