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We are in the liminal space between two major eclipses. Eclipse seasons bring on a bend in space and time that brings major shifts and changes into our lives, and requires the summoning of the strength we have cultivated to move through this passage of time with awareness rather than fear.

Right now we are in the lead up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. The home stretch to any Full Moon is colored by the themes of its sign and aspects, even before it is exact. This Full Moon describes an entry of a new situation and the exit of an old one, with a concurrent sense of urgency to do something, righteous, bold, and courageous that weaves through the storyline of both situations.

A couple of pieces of anecdotal advice to observe for serenity of temperament and wisdom in action during eclipse times. (You could also be having a standard time of eclipse season — not every set of eclipses is groundbreaking for everyone.)

The first is to hold off on making any major decisions until after eclipse season is over. At least until the end of September, a bit later if possible.

The second is, a Pisces Full Moon that is conjunct Chiron and square Mars in Sagittarius suggests the wisest path of action is to appeal to the gods, universal forces, benevolent spirits, nature sprites,and, stepping back from urgent demands of the ego, observe the flow of energy in a situation, and align yourself with it.

Emotional involvement in a situation may impede a measured, balance course of action. There are two considerations on this point. Jupiter enters Libra on Friday, which is guaranteed to bring a welcome balance to any emotionally distorted situation. The second point is that moving through the emotional thicket —  subjectivity, bias, mess, confronting fury, and the will to assert one’s guiding spiritual beliefs, and all, is the mouth of the path itself.

Don’t mentally review any problem constantly. Let it rest at times and it may work itself out; but see that you do not rest so long that your discrimination is lost. Rather, use these rest periods to go deep within the calm region of your inner Self”. ~Paramahansa Yogananda

Neptune conjunct the South Node of this eclipse suggests discarding any kind of escapism, delusion, vampiric emotional situations, savior-victim complexes, substance abuse, and instead tap the other side of Neptune, which is valuing introspection, contemplation, imagination, music, creativity, emotional exploration, and spirituality as avenues to opening higher possibilities.

The upcoming Lunar eclipse carries a theme the point of convergence between the intuition and creativity that is filtered from the emotional body, or a literal or figurative notion of brokenness of the physical body, and the ability to fulfill the fullness of one’s self expression here on earth. I will devote an entire post to the symbolism of the lunar eclipse as the time approaches!

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