Goddess Chamunda in the interior panel of Garhi Padavali. Photo by Amitava Segupta.


Today Mercury is in an interior conjunction with the Sun. Mercury is cazimi, a special condition where Mercury is described as having strength by virtue of being in the heart of the Sun. This is the middle of Mercury Retrograde, a halfway point that occurs in each cycle of this planet’s retrogrades. This particular midpoint is both demanding and merciful.

This is “bring your own sense of sturdiness” astrology. With no major planets in fixed signs, Jupiter freshly minted in Libra,  and Venus, Pluto, and Uranus in cardinal signs within the context of a mutable sky – there is a great thrust of beginnings within an extended storyline now. One phase, the intensive creative phase, is complete, and now comes the more active phase of participating in the world, filled up with the completion of a creative process, on the brink of a new phase within it.

As I write, Saturn is separating from an epochal square to Neptune by 11 minutes of arc. Though this aspect has lasted just under a year, it has been deeply felt and greatly impactful by and for many. Compare your life in 2014 to the process you experienced from November 2015 to now, September 2016. What you’re looking for is the enormity of a vision that laid it self like a film strip over reality, even perhaps offered a blessing of something divine, and then kept moving, leaving impressions here and there. This has been a highly creative process, not without its questions. Many a dream has manifested and/or crumbled under this alignment. We are on the tail end of the Saturn Neptune square now, drying off. In two months, Saturn will be at 17 degrees Sagittarius, and Neptune will be at 9 degrees. The time is fast approaching when we will be able to step on the ground and trust its firmness beneath our feet.

September 2016 is a moment of flux. Within it, for one day only, Mercury is in the exalted position of being within the heart of Sol. Today, watch for a return of something from the past that offers a delivery from the flux of the moment. This something could be a conversation, a consideration, a person, a message, a thought you put down and are being reminded of again. Watch for a sense of solution or resolution.

That solution or resolution however arrives with a tension and cross-purposes between a core purpose — of the self, an established project aim, an idealistic goal — and a desired course of action.

The benefits of this alignment are that Mercury’s excellent condition in Virgo proffers great clarity. This particular event happening in Virgo can create a practical, real world improvement.

Squares produce great tension, especially with a hot Mars in Sagittarius involved, and this alignment is an invitation and challenge to creatively shape that tension in a way that will improve a situation. Look to what is the best course of action overall. It will not be perfect. Life is a game of stepping into the imperfections and making them joy-giving because of our own inner fire and conviction to elevate.

An image for this alignment is the hyper muscled up boxer who gets pounded in the face in the ring then wants to clean up nice for dinner with the folks later in the week.

This alignment has the potential to be a fiery, argumentative, impulsive, righteous and contentious. Watch for that.

This is a several day long process. By the time the Full Moon lunar eclipse is exact on Friday, this process will be on its way toward completion.

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