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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo- 9:04 AM EDT August 30, 29 Virgo 05 – 1:30 AM Eastern September 22, 14 Virgo 49

Every astrological event happens within the context of other movements in the sky. An event like Mercury retrograde which happens about three times per year is best understood as a part of the broader plot it is involved in. This year’s Mercury retrograde in Virgo is happening within context of the final Saturn Neptune square.

Glamorizing reality, the melting of a solid reality, or the weight and gravity of living in an illusion, are underscored as a background process to this Mercury retrograde. This is especially the case since this is the close of a process that started in November 2015 – the fruit of this process is fat, juicy, and ready to plucked off its branch. That may be the fruit of the crystallization of a long held dream – the birth of a vision – or the morphing of a reality that is meant to be immutable.

Know that September is a month of active change astrology. Patience, forbearance, and making the changes that need to be made are valuable tools during this time. It could be the case that the most important changes that could be made now, and the ones most useful in the long run are the ones that happen within the self. Neptune’s best manifestation appears in the opening that arrives with gentleness.

Astrology runs on a delicate balance of determination and free will, and gets more toward the free will side of things the more inner self direction one develops. That is to say that the changes that are written for you will come to pass and if they are for you, it’s likely you don’t have to look too hard for them. That said, whatever seems most urgent in this  moment would benefit from your careful deliberation over the course of the month, as well as two or three wise and seasoned outside opinions.

The counsel we often hear about Mercury retrograde is it is a perfect time to do things again. We hear it often because it is true. Through Sep 22, when Mercury switches direction to begin to move forward again is a great time to re-think, re-write, re-plan, to edit, to cull, to simplify, to make efficient, and to do all this with a sense of humility. It is the big gods that are at bat right now.

Mercury retrograde counsel also includes leaving early to arrive at a destination to allow for ample travel time, getting creative when technical issues present themselves, and being liberal with your generosity and understanding toward others because we are all in the sublunar sphere.

There are upshots to this Mercury retrograde. One of them is impeccable clarity. And this particular moment is one amplification of the Mercury retrograde message that we will be gently thumbing, winding, unweaving and re-weaving over the course of the next few weeks. As Mercury stations it does so while it is close to the planet Jupiter. This has the effect of externalizing and broadcasting the inner dialogue, which is already underscored by Mercury’s apparent stop as it changes directions. The message of now can be to your benefit. Jupiter is a sometimes lucky and sometimes wise and sometimes exuberant planet. The invitation of the symbols is to use the principles of keen wit, practicality and judiciousness, since Virgo is a sign of modesty, and Mercury does excellently here.

The other upshot is that astrology can be used to look ahead and to work with that information to shape events to the best of our abilities, gods and universal forces willing. There will be a moment during this Mercury retrograde where you will have the option to behave impulsively from pain, anger, or fear, or to be aware of those experiences to take positive action forward leveraging a valuable development or piece of information that comes to you. Watch for that.

This retrograde of Mercury ends with the ability to make a positive change to the real flesh and bones reality of your life, having processed the all and much that is to come in the next few weeks. You benefit from exercising flexibility of mind, practical improvement to the physical world, the willingness to be present with all that arises, a positive attitude, and the willingness to be present with all that arises, a positive attitude, and the carving of a few new neural pathways.

With love,

P.s. This particular Mercury retrograde is actually an excellent time to think in a new way and understand/revise/edit/implement the guiding philosophy of your life. Forms created by the mind are grooves in the brain, physical and emotional body made stronger by consistent use. These become paths of least resistance and many of these forms serve us – knowing how walk, write, type, without thinking about it. Other forms could use some re-writing – like long held beliefs that can be expanded to the point where their structure breaks when they reach another form. During this Mercury Retrograde cycle, though patterns can be edited and re-created to enhance usefulness. As Mercury is in an earth sign this will have real world effects on wellbeing.

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