Walter Crane.

As soon as the heart moves toward something, there is no distance.
~Geoffrey Cornelius

Mars in Sagittarius squares Virgo North Node and Pisces South Node in a conjunction with Neptune retrograde August 29, 2016.

The key and hinge of this moment in astrology are the concepts of passion, temper, fieriness, sex, power, courage, and action emboldened by a sense of righteousness, a guiding philosophy, or a spiritual or religious prerogative.

Giving in to a foggy, hopeful idealism is what is cautioned against. The longing and yearning for reality to be a way it is not calls for a grounded assessment of what it actually is instead. Ungrounded romanticism is now actively tempered by an increase in applied discernment.

Active high-mindedness – thinking the best of oneself and others, seeing the bigger picture, understanding the overall trajectory of a situation, nourishes the need to transmute any fiery emotion into a measured response to reality. Though it may not be easy, this is the direction of healing, and more than that good practice for the upcoming eclipse season that will highlight these ideas.

These themes and others are reflections of Mars in Sagittarius in an applying square to the North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces conjunct Neptune.

One of the implore-ations  of the moment is to notice the quality of what is emerging rather than the substance itself. Discern and categorize the amorphous emotion or quality of energy that is manifesting and notice the multiple physical situations, past and present, it could be attached to or that it roots from.

Giving in to emotional tides now requires active energy to master mood-waves through willpower that is infused with a higher way of thinking.

This astrology also speaks fiery philosophy. Diligence, encapsulated in the simplest way by the act of noticing the internal landscape, is favored as a path to spiritual forbearance. However, whereas Neptune conjunct the  South Node would easily erase the will and preferences of the ego, this moment in astrology instead invokes a healthy acknowledgement of the ego’s needs in order to function at its smoothest, and to be firm and steadfast about advocating for these.

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