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Mars conjunct Saturn at 9 degrees 53 minutes Sagittarius August 24, 2016 at 7:26 am EDT.

Mars and Saturn conjoin at 9 degrees 53 minutes Sagittarius on August 24. This astrological event is the culmination of both the Saturn and the Mars retrograde cycles of 2016.

This planetary meeting reflects an inner and outer environment in which attention naturally turns to the action taken over time to realize an achievement. That achievement, or moment of culmination, describes a vision taking form, an educational accomplishment, the announcement of status, or the taking on of authority of a Sagittarian color – religious, ethical, environmental, educational.

This is an alignment of two active players in this year’s astrology that at the moment of their union, are in a strong connection with Neptune retrograde in Pisces.

The numinous quality woven into the fabric of the turning point event of the Mars-Saturn conjunction means what comes to a head at this time carries a mystical quality. A far-reaching idea floats into the consciousness and has significant impact on how things done on a day to day level. Some broader force influences reality to morph and shift in ways not entirely familiar or predictable, but which reflect a process under way for the bulk of this year.

When Mars approaches Saturn it takes on the significations of Saturn. Whereas Mars in Sagittarius on its own signifies a swift readiness to draw the sword of truth, Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius paces itself and plays the long game – especially in the interest of earning the realization of an ideal.

As the beacon of the Mars retrograde cycle for this year this meeting in turn prefaces a vortex month of September that has four main astrological features. If the time and reality warp of eclipse season is not enough (which however is a regular feature of our yearly realities, it is interesting to note), there is also the equinox, Jupiter’s entry into Libra, and the final Saturn Neptune square in the trilogy that started in November 2015.

Astrological events regularly happening in mutable Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius mark 2016 as a year of transition. But in the last quarter or so, what has been a year of shift, transition, and tying up loose ends will morph into an environment characterized by the initiation of new experiences. When Jupiter changes signs into Libra and Saturn moves out of orb of Neptune, the energetic quality will move from predominantly mutable to a mutable-cardinal medley. In other words change and flow give way to flexibility punctuated with decidedly more firmness and solidity, tempering the fluidity of the past year.

Saturn remains in Sagittarius through late 2017. Sagittarius Saturn values and rewards far reaching vision. This is the hope and confidence that with the appropriate and substantial sweat equity invested, particularly if belied by a spiritual ethic or an optimistic vision – something desirable results. This becomes more straightforward as Saturn moves out of orb of Neptune, and in any case all the gods appreciate acknowledgment of humanity’s dance with their heavenly partners.

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