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Guiseppe Arcimboldo – Sketch for Sleigh with a Siren. 1585.

Full Moon 25 degrees 52 minutes Aquarius, August 18, 2016 5:27 am EDT.

The alignments of the planets can be understood as reflecting a higher order of movement that is then refracted as if through a quartz crystal into the myriad moments of human life.

The heavenly bodies are always moving; to freeze them in time at certain moments – the moment of birth, a particular planetary alignment, the fortnightly New and Full Moons, is to initiate an inquiry and by that act ask to peer into what is above, and behind the veil of the ordinary. It is to see if the gods might speak to us, and with open and ready hearts, if we might hear their song, perhaps to dance in harmony with it.

Contemplating what is on high is a message written into the symbols of this Full Moon at 25 degrees Aquarius-Leo. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, and Saturn is said to favor its expression in Aquarius over its expression in Capricorn, the other sign it rules. This is because Aquarius creates the avenue for Saturn’s higher nature to emerge – where higher means transcending gross, physical reality. The kind of reality understood to be the flesh and bones of Saturn’s mode of operation – yet this is Saturn in Capricorn garb.

In the house of Aquarius, Saturn crystallizes the kind of ionic clarity of thought that one finds one’s nervous system charged with at the height of a peak after an arduous climb. At the summit a more grand and more complete organizational scheme can be absorbed all at once – the movements of the people in the valley, conducting daily affairs in the villages and towns, the uniform swaying of acres of trees responding to wind’s movement, the here languorous and there rapid flow of the river at different mile markers. These elements all become the pulse of a larger body, and, removed from the immediate pull of the ego’s preferences, Aquarius can hear the song that the people move to down below.

Far across the sky from this Full Moon is the Sun in Leo, in domicile, in its own rightful place in the heavens. The Sun and the Moon both make harmonious aspects of trine and sextile to Uranus at 24 degrees Aries, retrograde. If this Full Moon has a message it would be about elevating the power of the will to engage a deep, core, essential part of one’s character. It would be about guiding oneself outside the door of social convention and, creating a path where there mightn’t already be one, lead others to do the same, with respect for their own way. The message of this Full Moon were it to speak in plain language might be about the stubborn willpower to break up the crystallized energy of something extant – a relationship, a personal habit, a situation – to momentarily suspend it in chaos and allow it to re-constellate into a higher organizational scheme that a human alone could not concoct.


Is this lunation a lunar eclipse? After much research into this question my opinion is perhaps, and probably not, let’s see. The best barometer for whether that is the case (because there is a conflict of opinion from authoritative sources) is to see what comes to pass in the coming weeks, we’d be looking for Aquarius eclipse type themes – dramatic changes having to do with government figures/great people, humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors, LBGTQ rights, advancements in technology, and so on. The difference between your average Full Moon and an eclipse would be in the depth, scale and speed of events. Watch a video simulation of this near miss eclipse.

Once this lunation perfects on Thursday morning New York time, eclipse season begins in earnest, with a full month of concentrated eclipse energy ahead of us.


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Rob Hand on Saturn’s expression in Aquarius and Capricorn

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