Fra Angelico – The Annuciation detail.

New Moon 10 degrees 58 minutes Leo:  August 2, 2016, 4:44 PM EDT

This New Moon evokes a question. This week, the beginnings of an answer are apparent. The full answer arrives over the coming week with Saturn’s direct station, and more so in the months to follow as Mars meets Saturn and the latter slowly begins to pick up speed in the heavens after having been retrograde since March 25.

The Leo New Moon is a gem with several facets and a strong heart beating at the its center, shining through every facet. That heart is about the sense of confidence that is rooted in acceptance of one’s authorship over one’s own self creation. This is a confidence that no outside force or authority can give, but can and often is cultivated by engagement with outside forces and authorities.

As every New Moon is a moment of beginnings, often seeded into other beginnings, within three days after the New Moon is the ideal time to take outer steps toward something new. The establishment of a creative project, the cementing of a next-leveling, unfurling into long held and unactualized dreams harbored in dusty corners of the self. Shine light there. Breathe life into a long held desire. Believe in yourself, the possibility of the dream, get encouragement from the bright and solid. Know what you want, hold the vision, then, importantly, create the plan and execute it over the long haul. But only if the dream is truly yours and only if it touches something essential to the individual spark of soul that is you.

The evocation at this New Moon is the color of personal daring. It is about directing personal theatre so that this already extant force does not otherwise assume disfigured forms. What is required for this, evidenced by Saturn’s presence at the time of this New Moon, is restraint, intention, vision, patience, and utter confidence in eventual realization. Since Leo is of fixed modality, and since Saturn provides glue, what is seeded now has the potential to stand for some time.

Leo invites us all to play. However, Leo’s child like demeanor is refined into a tempered grace at this New Moon.

An image to meditate on in the vein of Leo is a talented young pianist who loves the craft of learning music and coaxing the keys to sing the song inside her, and thus dedicates herself to cultivating talent through committed practice.

Wishing you a wonderful new lunar cycle!

With love,

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Luc-Olivier Merson. Vérité.

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