J.A.M. Whistler. Nocturne in Black and Gold.

Poetry, after all, milks the unconscious.

~Anne Sexton

This is a moment in astrology that emphasizes understanding of the strengths possessed in personal identity with regard to about general existence in life – our skills, accomplishments, achievements. Alongside that, there could be a simultaneous awareness of the shortcomings of what could be called the reason for existence. There could be disappointment, unfulfilled, or dissatisfied with something important to the self identity.

This describes the symbolism of the Sun and Venus in Gemini in a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces. This aspect is active this entire week.

This alignment highlights the core wounding being experienced around our ambitions, dreams, or sense of personal purpose in life. The square indicates that a resolution arrives through the conscious grappling with what is arising.

While there may be an experience of pain and disappointment, Chiron in Pisces offers a nourishment as well.

The nourishment from Chiron in Pisces is a spiritual bypass. This is a sense of spiritual support; an insight that proves to be meaningful to the growth and development of the sense of personal purpose and reason for being.

This combination of symbols (Sun, Venus, Chiron) also provides a crystallization to creative ideas, and the ability to put some form of expression, whether that is language or another medium, to inner inspiration.

A possible way to work with this experience is to consciously take note of what is arising and to frame it in multiple viewpoints. This serves as a means of loosening tendencies to see situations rigidly, from the same vantage point or understanding. Dialogue it out. Conversations themselves are healing and revealing at this time. So is thinking out loud.

The Sun and Venus are traveling near to each other at this time. Venus will be combust and under the beams of the Sun for another 4-5 weeks. Astrologer Bernadette Brady conceives of planets in combustion, (and thus invisible to the naked eye) to be in “that other place”, where as opposed to the behavior of the planet being direct and apparent, how it might be expected to act under normal circumstances, they operate on another level of consciousness or according to different rules.

Thoughts, conversation, and relationships where there is a warm feeling, have something unusual about the way they are, at this time. And it could be that the way in which these are unusual, not just now but at any time, is being illuminated now.  This mode of interfacing (thoughts/conversation) will change once Venus and the Sun are both in Cancer from June 20th to something on a more familial, sensitive, tender, protective, supportive level.

The Sun and Venus are in Gemini, both squaring Chiron in Pisces. To understand the Gemini-Pisces square I often think of the inventor Buckminster Fuller, who had Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini squaring his Moon conjunct North Node in Pisces. In a way, the environment that was created around him wherever he went, gave expression to the square between these two signs. He said things like:

“The greatest mistake we have ever made is to assume that the supreme authority governing life and Universe is not God but either luck or the dicta of the humanly constituted and armed most-powerful socioeconomic systems and religions. The combined human power structures— economic, religious, and political— have compounded this primary error by ruling that no one should make mistakes and punishing those who do. This deprives humans of their only-by-trial-and-error method of learning.”

“I sought to do my own thinking, confining it to only experientially gained information, and with the products of my own thinking and intuition to articulate my own innate motivational integrity instead of trying to accommodate everyone else’s opinions, credos, educational theories, romances and mores, as I had in my earlier life.”

“We sometimes fall into the delusion that power is elsewhere, that it belongs to a different group, that we are unable to find access to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The universe oozes with power, waiting for anyone who wishes to embrace it. But because the powers of cosmic dynamics are invisible, we need to remind ourselves of their universal presence. Who reminds us? The rivers, plains, galaxies, hurricanes, lightning branches, and all our living companions.”

Gemini’s modus operandi is to immediately respond to external stimulus with its perceptions of the environment. Pisces yields, molds, and shapes itself to surrounding environmental forces, letting itself be carried by life’s waves. It characterizes this in a spiritual way as God or some other “allness” or “everything”. Chiron intensely sharpens the Pisces experience, resulting in an acute sensitivity which can manifest in a variety of ways. As Gemini acts on Pisces, language, understanding, and meaning are overlaid on something grand, almost holy but simultaneously natural, that is acting on an invisible landscape.

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