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After its exterior conjunction to the Sun on June 6th, Venus started a new 18 month cycle. This also coincided with the New Moon in Gemini.

Two symbols are apparent in that New Moon event. Remember that the Gemini New Moon pinged off March 8 eclipse earlier this year. Venus’ conjunction to the first quarter New Moon after the eclipse was nested within its own process of purification and rebirth . This points to the presence of a powerful woman or a powerful woman archetype that strongly influences the unfolding process of the New Venus cycle.

Venus’ new cycle also represents a new beginning. In a recent talk on planetary phases, horary astrologer Wade Caves pointed out that after joining the Sun, the first planet the is contacted by the planet exiting cazimi (in this case Venus leaving the heart of the Sun), colors the theme of the entire lifecyle of the planet until it meets the Sun again.

The first body Venus was in contact with was the Moon. Since that is such a fast moving light I won’t count it.

The first planet Venus touched was Uranus at 23 degrees Aries – setting the tone of the next 18 months. Uranus in Aries speaks of individualism, pioneering, leadership. Watch for willful stubbornness in having one’s own way, and an oversensitive ego.

The highlights for the new Venus cycle are learning to live in harmony with our own individuality and that of others’, what is needed to express the self freely, dislodging from expectations of others to follow one’s own pursuits, noticing in what way we contain our own or other’s freedoms and mitigating that tendency, unusual and non-dominant progressive modes of relating and relationship, a new beginning in independence in relating to people, to ourselves, to the world in general.

Uranus, like all the outer planets, brings in an element of what is developing in the collective. This also shows up in the personal life – yet the themes are more broadly experienced. This is hopeful. The symbolism speaks directly to the idea that whatever work we do for ourselves in our own lives with regard to these themes, has a ripple effect into society. Intentionally transmitting this work also receives more ready reception since this everyone is tapped in to it at some level. It’s not like introducing a completely new foreign idea, it is a string that has been plucked and is reverberating so there are waves to ride on, so to speak.

Something new started around that time that provides a point of reflection. You may have thought you were seasoned in a particular experience, but this unfolding new cycle opens up a new way of being that will take time to deepen into. In a way we are like children not yet touched  by the experience of life. That experience will be developed and matured over the coming 18 months of the new Venus cycle.

Venus is combust the Sun until mid July, when its growing light becomes more visible at Sunset, on the way to full illumination as evening star over the coming months.

The places to look for this in your own life are in relationships, any recent event in which you feel you have been purified/disillusioned, perhaps somewhat coldly or indifferently but not unkindly, in which you thought you were seasoned yet are inspiredly starting a new cycle. 🙂

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