Neptune Retrograde 2016 – An Impartial Washing

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An impartial washing
containers for a sea that strong
are held only by the beyond
pretensions of human holding
are just that
what surrender means
is cultivated
is experienced
if reality is dissolving
you can see through it
to the core and the essence
gradually shaped by the curved pad of your thumb
and it works in you
and it works in you
and let it through

Neptune stationed retrograde today in a nearly exact alignment with Saturn. Since Neptune is the one apparently changing motion, its effect is felt more potently than Saturn’s at this time. These two highly contrary planets are now in a dynamic exact square aspect for the second time of three total times in this cycle.  Neptune’s station retrograde takes place from June 13, 2016 at 4:43 pm Eastern Daylight Time, to its station direct on November 19, 2016 at 11:38 pm EST.

With Neptune retrograde for the next several months watch for the following:

* The overarching philosophy of life feels elusive, dissolving, just out of reach
* Heightened sensitivity
* Heightened dreams, creativity, imagination
* Heightened connection to spirituality, faith, religion
* Thinking of things “On High”, the highest words, the highest notions, gently floating down, or brought crashing down with a thud in the face of reality
* Experiencing the Holy of Holies
* Creative ways to work with problem solving regarding a structure or a dream
* The dissolution and dissolving of a structure, of a dream
* An inspiring authority figure
* A compassionate authority figure
* An elusive or false authority figure
* Putting a dream on hold to address responsibilities
* The release of a dream
* Working out the real world details of bringing a dream to life
* Exhaustion needing more rest
* Strong and subtle emotions arising, threatening a structure
* Strong and subtle emotions arising, needing to be woven in to a school of thought or educational system
* Subtle/hidden experiences in the field of knowledge/education/study
* Addiction to tamasic  things, things that dull the alertness and senses – sugar, cheese, alcohol, bread, drugs, TV, the internet, video games – heightened, interfering with a discipline or with responsibilities
* Grounding a dream into life over the next several months for the duration of Neptune’s retrograde
* Finding discipline in faith
* Finding hope in disciplined prayer
* The mixing of faith and extreme austerity
* Getting kicked out of church
* Kicking yourself out of church, experiencing your own spirituality

Tenderness is more tender than it usually is now. Remember that, despite the pervasive lure of disconnection, expressing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but brings people closer together – which is also a strong act of weaving heart into a culture. An act of generosity might mean creating a safe space for someone to be vulnerable. An act of leadership might be being the first one to share a vulnerability in a safe space. Some people’s dreams are coming true under this alignment. Others are hardly holding on. Events happen so fast these days, that pausing to savor life’s unknowns seems like a radical act, when it might be an act of wisdom.

Neptune also rules reflections, and in Pisces, the reflection is like a hall of mirrors – there are iterations upon iterations of them. With Neptune and Saturn together, it is wise to reflect, take care not to get lost, remember to leave bread crumbs or a golden thread by which to find your way back. Lean on your soulful support systems and be a soulful support for others. Take good care!

With love,


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