The Four Kumaras, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanananda, and Sanatkumara (read note about this image below).


The current moment offers potent astrology. There is so much going on.

Friday’s New Moon in Gemini kicked off an activation of the March 9th eclipse in Pisces. Note any themes from that time period that are arising again. With Venus and the Moon flanking the Sun at the time of the New Moon, this activation involves the symbolism of powerful women in positions of authority.

Meanwhile, Venus has recently exited the cazimi window, a condition in which a planet is so close to the Sun that it is said to be in the heart of the King. This condition not only energizes Venus but greatly purifies its significations through the symbolism of being thrown into fire. Through this process she is kindled and given life before she re-enters the beams of the Sun.

The mutable grand cross remains in effect for some time. Even when its exactness breaks up, these four points in the sky are still activated and beaming their lights at Earth through the celestial airwaves through the Solstice.

For the restless, the effect of this Mutable Grand Cross (what an intimidating name, eh!) can feel destabilizing. Since the cross naturally means that four signs in the sky are being activated through the most challenging astrological aspects, the square and the opposition, it can feel like being pulled in several directions at once, with many things vying for attention with more hands and more hours needed to get everything done.

The longest lasting aspect of the cross is the Saturn Neptune square which is now moving into very close exactness.

This is an incredibly potent configuration that can present as very challenging. This aspect can manifest as deep deep depression, sadness and loneliness.

There is a way to work with this because this does not have to be a way of life. The energy is there and it must have a channel to express itself. If it is left alone, the potential is for the water to pool and stagnate. Stagnant water does not receive oxygen, and attracts unsavory critters that lay their eggs and propagate.

That may be the darkness of dark emotions that pull you down and tell you there is not a way out when there is, it just takes effort and work to see brighter options.

It may be conscious or unconscious self flagellation in the form of unloving actions to the self, inner emotional violence, inner chatter that is violent to the self, keeping quietness away so that the truth does not seep in and then…. something would have to change.

It may be believing in a false authority, and the fallout from that.

It may be not believing in self, and the fallout from that.

It may be tuning out reality and choosing not to shape it using whatever measure of free will we might have.

It may be a feeling of fragmentation and dissolution.

It may be loneliness, which is remedied by lending a hand, and, separately, asking for help, or reaching out to someone with a note that you are thinking of them or with something they are interested in or would like to know about. Seeking community begins as a deep inner request and desire. No one of us can do life alone, or with any measure of joy, fulfillment, or success. This is a broader societal issue especially in the U.S. that each of us can begin to remedy individually, by first having the desire to remedy it and then creating meaningful connections with others. (i.e., not drinks over happy hour as the sole or main basis of the relationship, but a presence and heart connection.)

Knowing that the planetary energies are there and must express themselves in some way, the way to work with the Saturn Neptune configuration active for the remainder of the year is to intentionally give the energy another channel of expression. Specific to Saturn square Neptune, there is no way around this being spiritual. Actually there is, that is being metaphysical.

My primary suggestion would be to take up a serious meditation practice, to visit your local place of worship, to follow a moral code, to read spiritual texts, to find a mantra you like and recite it daily, and any other spiritual practice that speaks to you, nourishes you, and feeds your soul.

If this is against your nature, studying something mind-blowing with unity as its basis might do the trick. Something like quantum physics, Plato, Hegel, Henry Corbin, or poetry like Rumi and Ibn Arabi. If you have other suggestions along these lines (or any lines) add them to the comment section below.

The grand cross can be a challenge for even the most focused among us. However it is precisely that quality of focus that will help anyone overwhelmed by the current mutability to get a hold of things. Pick one thing, it doesn’t matter what. Focus on that one thing until it is done (make yourself). Go on to the next thing and repeat the process.

Incredible inspiration flows through mutability of this kind. Let it be a vehicle to make real your most fleeting visions.

As a final note, Mercury in Taurus is moving into an opposition with Mars retrograde in Scorpio this week. This can look like a serious “I’m not budging and I’m going to tell you about my vitriol toward you” conflict, or it can look like the amendment or clarification of a position that was previously held – fortified by real data – or it can look like a fixed mindset – and in this case the content of that mindset is under your control. De-escalation of any inner or outer conflict begins with awareness and then consciously redirecting that very focused very deep stream of thought or conversation to a more peaceable place using words and intention and strength of will. Outcome not guaranteed. Some courage may be required. 🙂

Sending astrological goodness your way.

With love,

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About the image for this post, from Wikipedia:

The Kumaras are four sages (rishis) who roam the universe as children from the Puranic texts of Hinduism,generally named Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana and Sanatkumara. They are described as the first mind-born creations and sons of the creator-god Brahma. Born from Brahma’s mind, the four Kumaras undertook lifelong vows of celibacy (brahmacharya) against the wishes of their father. They are said to wander throughout the materialistic and spiritualistic universe without any desire but with purpose to teach.All four brothers studied Vedas from their childhood, and always travelled together.

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