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A healthy amount of ambiguity tolerance is the life giving quality of this astrological moment. In a space where simultaneously and continuously, so much is happening, arising, firming up and taking form, dissolving, changing, and evolving, in many areas of outer life, and in many spaces within oneself, keeping a certain set of qualities in your quiver of arrows helps to maintain as much steadiness as possible.

Flexibility, curiosity, resourcefulness, and patience are the most valuable allies to call on at this time. Wisdom is the call of the moment and will continue to be when this early June moment dissolves into the solstice. What is wise now is to be curious, ask questions, and assume nothing – but rather to dig in to the possibilities presented at this time. It is a time for gathering resources in the form of information and in the form of knowledge.

There is a lot to hold on to now. While much is shifting, the mind is sturdy and steady, and it is able to pull in a real resource, and to otherwise exercise resourcefulness. This proves to be a grounding influence amongst much wobble. Mercury in Taurus now completes a grand earth trine as it strides through the final degrees of its initial retrograde motion that started in late April.   This placement of Mercury guides the routes of the mind to simple, practical considerations and solutions that can be checked against real life measurables.

The more challenging experience of the moment may be a sense of impotence that flows in where before there was robust strength. See this as an understanding of a moment in life where there is a loosening, and where a measure of surrender is being asked for. Where full on force, full steam ahead, and absolute certainty are being asked to be set aside for now. See if your life can allow for this softening.

If the space for that flow is cultivated, what pools there will bubble up into a new fertile growth. It will look like an inspiration, the sign you have asked for, or a cooling water of creativity lubricating something overly rigid. There is a paradox in that something too big and too mysterious to be named wants not only a label and category but an entire coherent cosmology alongside it.

This is a moment to intentionally cultivate confidence and strength, and to lean on or find a support system that serves as a safety net in case reality does something weird. This is a moment to take a healthy interest in the best possible reality verification processes. Among much multiplicity and variety, it is a moment to exercise willpower in summoning patience, cultivating flexibility, making progress, and offering kindness to self and others.

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