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You must not know too much or be too precise or scientific about birds and trees and flowers and watercraft; a certain free-margin , or even vagueness – ignorance, credulity – helps your enjoyment of these things.

~Walt Whitman

A Mutable Grand Cross now dominates the heavens. The mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are all activated and speaking in unison by planets moving through these signs in close aspect to each other.

Gemini season this year brings the Sun and Venus together to fill in the fourth point in the cross. It is notable that the universe brings this benediction together to both vivify and soften what might otherwise be a more stressful configuration.

While the Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius point in this cross represents a sober call to task, the other three points are softer. There is a concurrent softness and openness of the senses emanating from Neptune in Pisces. This can also show up as a heightened ability to perceive more subtle parts of reality, and tap into and receive inspiration from other dimensions of existence, often conceived of simply as the still quiet voice within.

In the Virgo part of this cross, Jupiter is a benefic planet that also has the softer qualities of growing, joining, blessing, and unifying. The opportunities and expansion it brings here may come in the form of commitment to duty, to a craft, or to streamlining a system, or improving some part of life – these are seen as channels to growth. Jupiter in Virgo also speaks to the blessing of critique and critical thinking, rather than the cutting down of non constructive criticism, from self and others. That is a wave that can be tuned into.

This Jupiter configuration can also show expansion through humility, showing that a good thing is on the other side of getting over the imaginings of the ego.

Moving from the Gemini section of the heavens, the Sun shines a light on the ongoing Saturn square Neptune story of this year, animating and energizing it. Since Venus is with the Sun, the ability to know, create, or receive the benefit of this square through a unification is present. There may also simply be the cast of a rose colored light on life which softens and smooths things over.

Many parts of life are now demanding simultaneous attention and activity. Balls are being juggled. Plans are being made. Questions are being asked. Uncertainty is being entertained. Transition is underway. The mutable quality of this square means a lot is going on in everyone’s lives, and each piece is associated with every other piece.

In a bigger picture view, there is reconsideration taking place with Mars retrograde, now in Scorpio. Something is being outright re-negotiated or more quietly inwardly evaluated. This may have to do with a partnership or former relationships, with sexuality, with desire or  with self assertion. This is a longer term process that is not in the moment final, as Mars will move forward through where it is traveling backward now.

This is a time of wise management of physical, emotional, material, and spiritual resources, this is a time of self-honesty, and honesty with and from others. While Neptune can obliterate ego, it can also serve as an agent of deception, which is why I emphasize honesty at this time. Saturn’s light helps to crystallize and give form to Neptune’s flow and amorphousness, and that is another energy stream that can be tapped into now.

With Mars in Scorpio and the Moon now waning, it is a good time to be deeply and truly releasing and letting go, purging old habits, attitudes, thoughts, people, situations, and beliefs that no longer serve, and to create the mental space to allow new inspiration, situations, ideas, and opportunities to constellate themselves.


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  1. I always enjoy your work! This grand cross just happens to be activating fourth/tenth and seventh/first houses. I can FEEL it in my career and relationship life. BIg hugs!

    1. Hi Lori! Thank you so much. Those are all angular houses – the most energetic and active of the chart. I can imagine you have a lot going on! Hugs back. 🙂

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