Vincent Van Gogh. The Courtesan. Oil on canvas.


Love, art, money and creativity are now going through purification process. That process may be happening in a subdued way, on an internal level, and with deliberation, pace, seriousness, contemplation, and with an associated sense of responsibility.

Art, money, personal values, love, and creativity are being cleansed, purified, and given new life as they reach a full maturation phase. While Venus is hidden behind the beams of the Sun, this happens via internal realizations reconsiderations and re-calibrations.

Where there are meetings of people this is an orientation between those who have completed a major growth process and are taking steps forward toward making that process complete and concrete. The completion of a credential spurs a decision to make a life change. The end of time in one city or one job spurs a move or search for a new job. A personal change creates a change in relationship.

Now is the time to re-evaluate your own orientation to relationship. It is a time to review standards and desires, and a time to notice commitments across different kinds of relationships in life. It is a time to notice how the relationship web performs as a support system and what your personal orientation is to those people and relationships.

This can show up as an exploration of personal desire that comes after much concrete experience has transpired. This is also about a moment of testing, a release of a negation, a cleansing of a no, a purification of desire that leads to a new beginning – with or without what has come before – and deepened either way.

People come closer together when they are bound by constancy through changes over time.

And the symbolism now shows that through a separation, a union is deepened, and that deepening serves as foundational as the new cycle unfolds.

Love, money, art, and creativity are now complete and full with the wisdom. Venus last joined Saturn in early January 2016, when they started their cycle. Now at opposition, equivalent to the Full Moon, they have come full term, and the fruit of the cycle is ripe.

Ultimately this process is about moving forward into a new phase of life that comes as the result of a full completion of a cycle. This may look like a maturation, a litany of experience, or an earned accomplishment that brings a natural promotion.

Venus remains close to the Sun through and beyond the solstice and during this time we can expect a rebirth of all Venusian matters as it increases in light and becomes and evening star over the coming months.

With so much Love,

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