Full Moon in Scorpio 2016 – The Creative Forces of Willpower and Desire

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Full Moon in  Scorpio at 2 degrees 31 minutes Taurus-Scorpio at 1:24 AM EDT April 22, 2016.

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The qualities of this axis are fitting for the overall message of the sky now.

Many retrogrades coloring the heavens make this a moment about digging in deep.

All that ground that wants to be covered, externally? Miles, piles, and breadth?

Apply all of that ferocity of speed and distance inward. That is the sense of this moment of astrology.

The Sun is broadcasting the light of the constellation Taurus, infusing matter with solar vitality. Meanwhile the Moon reflects this salt of the earth light and says there is something hidden within that needs to change and you may now see it in the full
circumference of the lunar disc.

Scorpio and Taurus are signs that have much to do with desire, and each come with their different brands of desire.

Archetypally, the Taurean desire impulse is rooted on willpower so gentle and so stoic that you might miss it immediately. The sheer continuous obstinacy of Taurus reveals its willpower over time. The Taurean power of desire is funneled through the force of pleasurable and magnetic attraction. The being of Taurus emanates:

A_Tantric_Form_of_the_Hindu_Goddess_Kali_(Recto),_Horse_(Verso),_Folio_from_a_Book_of_Iconography_LACMA_M.81.206.9By remaining devoted to the object of desire with unwavering focus, that object is drawn in

By creating an attractive container the object of desire can fill, that object yearns to be surrounded by the container

By creating grooves of predictable stability, worn, walked and tried, the object of desire finds an easy time flowing into the path created

By radiating pleasure and enjoyment the object of desire is invited in to the experience

On the far side of the sky, Scorpio is privy to the hidden forces that compose matter and physical reality according to reliable principes. For Scorpio, desire, especially sexual desire, generates the bulk of the creative force.

There is the understanding that generating a burning desire sets the appropriate creative Kalighat,_Kolkata_(Calcutta),_West_Bengal,_India_-_Kali_-_Google_Art_Projectforces in motion. This can be sexual as in the sex required to create a child, or it can be sexual as in the force of desire generated via sexual magnetism that creates compelling action. That sets off an absorptive/creative series of events which induces the space of the ether to respond to the generated desire.

Taurus and Scorpio both are fixed signs whose main activity is toward preservation. While Taurus is comfortable maintaining a physical status quo Scorpio’s fixity is emotional – and this includes allowing the change of physical form. The ability to remain with the discomfort of physical change is the strength of this sign, and in particular instances can also present its particular challenge.

Under this annual Full Moon in Scorpio, consider the following:

Is the comfort of staying the same worth the avoidance of the discomfort of change?

What is our relationship to desire and what happens desire is cultivated and explored with intention?

What passion exists in my life that I desire to fully explore, leaving no stone unturned?

Who would I be if I focused exclusively on the object of my passion for long stretches of time?

What is the relationship between the currents harbored within the emotional body and the way my physical world is composed?

How can I create a safe situation for myself to allow desire to roam freely so I can build a relationship of trust with it?

What in my world right now needs my deep, fierce, focused attention?

Kali_DeviAm I projecting my discomfort into a situation outside of me?

What do I need to forcibly extract from within myself?

What am I being overly dramatic about?

What do I need to be more dramatic about?

To what length am I willing to go to heal myself?


Have a depth inquisitive luscious desirous controlled fun and focused Scorpio Full Moon!

Sending love,


1. The Goddess Kali and God Bhairava in Union
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3.  Kalighat, Kolkata.  Unknown Artist.
4. The Goddess Kali 1770 print


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