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As Venus travels through each sign in the Zodiac, this planet demonstrates the feeling tone of charm, affection, sharing, pleasantness, indulgences, tastes, and interpersonal interaction both socially and intimately.

Venus is a moderately hot and moist planet. In Aquarius, the sign of the waterbearer, Venus expresses affection to others freely, finding the most pleasurable and natural place to pour its affection in the context of groups. Often, the groups are political, revolutionary, extreme, humanitarian, or advanced in some way. Venus in an air sign feels and demonstrates closeness through verbal sharing and intellectual communication.

In love and in social environments, Venus in this sign is compelled to share ideas among groups of people. In the fixed air sign of Aquarius, Venus feels good knowing the boundaries of the relationship or friendship, what is appropriate, what can be expected. Thus, affection for this Venus sign entails knowing where in the social scheme a relationship fits in.

This kind of categorization can be a double edged sword. While Venus in fixed Aquarius is capable of demonstrating loyalty and a laissez faire attitude to the choices of individuals, this Venus can just as easily demonstrate an aloof, cool detachment, which can come on suddenly. It is easy for this air sign to detach from relational expectations, though in my experience as an Aquarius Venus person, there is usually a reason for this. That reason might often involve the difference between getting your hands dirty in the soil or wet with emotion, and staying in the crisp air of a tall mountain top. Aspects to Venus in the natal chart reveal more of the relational story.

Paul Robert, Le Martinet Noir, watercolor

In our skies, Venus is now separating from a sextile with Saturn, exact February 29, and applying to a sextile with Uranus, exact March 2. This is a cool situation, because there is reception between Venus and Saturn. Saturn receives Venus, since Venus is in the sign Saturn rules. This means that Saturn is more likely to yield to Venus, or to give Venus what it wants. In broader terms, it means that the unfolding Saturn in Sagittarius story generally or in the chart is more likely to go well, feel good, or be blessed in some way, since these are the qualities of Venus. Although it’s worth remembering that tradtitionally, Venus and Saturn are not friends, since their qualities are not compatible. However, aspects between Venus and Saturn in a natal chart appear often in the charts of skilled and accomplished artists. Saturn brings form to Venus’ artistic or musical skill.

The opening sextile to Saturn brings us back to the Venus-Saturn conjunction in January, where love, money, or art in our lives experienced a clarification, separation, or new, serious beginning or deepening. With Saturn in Sagittarius, this may have been based on a feeling of freedom, a spiritual connection, an educational pursuit, or a philosophical conviction.

The recent sextile to Saturn should have brought some kind of clarity or realization, foundation building, or tangible development around love, money, or art. The sextile aspect indicates that this would have required active effort and participation to bring about and make real.

Traditionally, Saturn is a cold, dry planet associated with distance and limitation, but also responsibility and seriousness. These qualities do not make Saturn a natural companion for the warm and easy affection Venus is associated with. Saturn has the effect of slowing, for the purpose of reflection and deep thinking. Saturn would like this deep thinking to result in purposeful and strategic action based on measured reality. So when Venus meets Saturn in this way, it is a sober check in for how we are doing in the Venus and Saturn parts of our lives. Are we putting in enough effort? Is our creative life flourishing? Are our relationships solid and strong in tangible terms? If there are areas of life that could be in better shape, what are we going to do about that?

Venus moving to sextile Uranus is completely different vibe altogether, as Uranus is fast, electric, and vitalizing. As Venus makes this approach over the next few days, there is a possibility for an exciting development based on the interest accrued, so to speak.

In other words, the effort applied produces a quickening in matters of love, money and art. Especially in the context of social groups, political socializing, radical, advanced, or extreme femininity. The sextile from Venus in Aquarius to Uranus in Aries speaks to cultivating the qualities of stubborn individualism, especially in a pleasing or harmonious way, as the sextile relates to the number 6 which is associated with Venus.

Venus is in Aquarius from February 17, 2016 to March 12, 2016.
Venus in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius: February 29, 2016
Venus sextile Uranus: March 2, 2016
Venus enters Pisces: March 12, 2016

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  1. Thank you for this. I have a venus,saturn sextile in my chart that I have never quite been able to work out,this helped so much.

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