Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Foray in Reverie

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Photo by Ai Wei Wei @aiww on Instagram


“Lest we forget,that nothing in this world endures, not even a home; and that our life is short, shorter even than the life of the elephant, the crocodile and the crow.”

~Joseph Roth

I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.

~Umberto Eco

The Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. It is a moment when the composition of our bodies and the contents of life reflect the diffuse and mystical qualites of Neptune. Inspiration and imagination drift in and can be focused and directed with skillfulness. There can also be fatigue, hopelessness, or a sense of wading in water without making progress. Once the Sun clears Neptune this will pass, and there is a real opportunity to make real use of the inspirations arising during these Neptune days.



the quality of disintegration, unraveling, falling apart. deterioration, degeneration, chaos, collapse, decomposition, breaking down, disorder, decline.


There is an Arabic saying, “Everything living comes from the water.”


St. Nicholas is protector of travelers, especially by sea. Photo of Byzantine Icon in Turkey from Wikicommons

Waters that Deliver

A vessel on the water delivers the faithful. The faithful are those that maintain hope in spite of witnessing ruin.

The beauty of old Syria

Aleppo in 1961 Photo by Manfred Nüchter
Burjeslam in Latakia Syria by Ahmadac


Colonnade at Palmyra. Photo by James Gordon

Ai Wei Wei


Photo by Ai Wei Wei @aiww on Instagram

Photo by Ai Wei Wei @aiww on Instagram



What is a Refugee

Someone going through a serious ordeal. A person fleeing conflict, racism, poverty, or natural disasters.

Inflation & Neptune

More, more, more, more, more.

“In the refugee world the vocabulary is all about growth: more child refugees, more asylum applications, more criminal networks of smugglers, more migrants in detention, more refugees in more long-term camps – more than 4 million of them today.”  From this Guardian article.

Erasing the self and becoming everything

As you start out on the way,
the way appears.

As you cease to be,
true life begins.

As you grow smaller,
the world cannot contain you.

You will be shown a being
that has no you inside it.


Respect for paradox

One does not ask for a sign, receive the miraculous sign, then seek to understand why things have happened the way they did, or why they are arranged the way they are.

People don’t like it when their grief, pain, or humanity are ignored.

These are valid emotions, along with anger, rage, and fear, and they deserve not to be suppressed, glossed over, misunderstood, or overly analyzed, not for any reason not even in the interest of improving quality of life. Improving quality of life does not mean suppressing these but holding them up to the light and honoring them.

The Amniotic Fluid of Inspiration

It is everywhere and you are contained within it but you must sail along inside it. And if you want, it can become bigger and in that sense you are surrounded and in that sense you take everything in, so watch the waters in which you bathe.

One way to approach the trajectory of this conjunction

After the Sun clears its conjunction to Neptune, it will stride toward a square with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a tense aspect highlighting the Saturn story in that part of the chart, and the Saturn Neptune square more broadly, the highlight aspect of 2016. In this sequence of aspects, the diffuse surround-sound intuition is encountered first. It then meets a challenge of validity when the Sun squares Saturn. One interpretation of this combination is, you may have many possibilities before you. However, just because you can pursue a possibility, does not necessarily mean you should. On the other hand, some possibilities require following through to completion, and completion may not look like what you think. Saturn in Sagittarius is about doing the right thing, in line with what feels most ethically and morally true in your bones, according to your books, according to whatever higher law you refer to for guidance.

With love,

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