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There is nothing wrong with standing back and thinking. To paraphrase several sages: ‘Nobody can think and hit someone at the same time’

~Susan Sontag, Regarding The Pain of Others

Mars is in Sagittarius: March 5 – May 27
Mars stations Retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius: April 17
Mars opposite Sun: May 21, 1 degree 47 minutes, Gemini-Sagittarius
Mars Retrograde enters Scorpio: May 27

The sign of culture, travel, global vision, and people who are different than you, is energized by the entry of Mars from March 5.

Mars in Sagittarius is a lover and preacher the positive, forward looking, and adventurous. As Mars transits this sign we can more easily access swift action and fiery, enthusiastic energy. Mars in the first 10 degrees (first decan) of Sagittarius is particularly impulsive, acting on animal instincts with tremendous speed. This can be a boon, as there is an ability to get a lot accomplished — but watch for recklessness and overlooking details in the throes of excitement.

Mars in the same sign as Saturn is a call to develop a code of ethics in the messages shared far and wide. With the world at our fingertips in a digital age, this duo of planets highlights the importance of awareness and responsibility in how we craft and deliver the messages we share with others. It is important that we are mindful of the impact on others of the concepts, words, and ideas we publish. This can be achieved with intentionally cultivating a bright wakefulness and sense of intention in how convictions and beliefs are shared with others.

While we are all individually responsible for filtering any ideas absorbed through our best judgment, we are at the same time undeniably connected — hop on Facebook and know that it is true — and a deep understanding of how we affect others and how others affect and influence us will produce a sense of responsibility in how we share of ourselves.

With the election cycle in full swing and the presence of slower moving planets in signs that have to do with belief and religion, we should be mindful of identifying with our convictions so much that a conflict or difference of opinion becomes a matter of personal offense rather than something to be fairly debated, considered, or brushed off. Watch for ego-inflation and righteousness that makes it difficult to see personal shortcomings. This position of Mars can be blunt about their opinions, so watch for the steamroller effect of someone who can’t breathe fast enough to get all of their high-minded ideals out of them.

On the other hand, Mars through Sagittarius is a great transit for athleticism, travel, acting from a place of deeply held belief or faith that is reinforced by measured reality, taking a new class to gain a skill or domain specialization, going on adventures, going on hikes, beginning a love-based self improvement program, and walking the talk of your beliefs.

Mars approaches the earth in close proximity the week leading up to May 30th. (Data from NASA) This is when Mars is at the point in its orbit that it is closest to the earth. From May 18-June 3 Mars appears the brightest than at any other time in its orbit.

Astronomically, I imagine that this proximity produces some kind of effect on the earth’s gravitational field. Astrologically, that says to me that Mars themes will be looming large in our bodies, minds, and societies. So watch the temper, impulsiveness, and argumentativeness.

Remediate, or work with this energy by giving it a channel to express itself, by being in nature for long periods of time, grounding into the earth, ramping up any athleticism or tactical Mars-based athletics like boxing or jiu jitsu, swim 500+ yards daily (20 lengths), hang out with animals, find healthy ways to engage with anger and rage, process resentment from the past, tear down or deconstruct something in the physical world that needs to be destroyed, dive deep into a course of study, expand your spiritual practice with fervent devotion, listen to hip hop, find non-annoying ways to boast about your accomplishments, etc.

The period of time that Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius is a time for more inward consideration of the motivations influencing outward action. It is a good time to plan for the pace of activity to be changed and make life amenable to this in whatever way is possible. When the Sun forms an opposition to Mars on May 21, this inner contemplation becomes conscious and comes to the surface through the polarity point in the chart.


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