1. Don’t make yourself wrong

You did the best you knew how at the time.

2. Invoke positivity

Positivity works better than negativity in every situation.

3. Do not dwell on the past beyond its helpfulness.

Look back only for the lesson, integrate it, and move on. It’s a new year, a new day, a new hour, a new minute. And moreso with the new moon on the 9th. Allow yourself to start fresh.

4. Sift through your story for the lesson then let it go

You are being shown what you need to know. How you feel about what you’re being shown is a separate matter. Take the lesson for its golden nuggets and see how it helps you. Let any unhelpful self talk fall away, as it always will.

5. Release pressure by inviting spaciousness

For every task you complete, take 20-30 minutes to daydream. Unstructured and goalless time to defrag your mental hardware, breathe, and let all that extra mental stuff fall from your head through your ears and into the ethers for recycling. Take a long walk in the greenery and release the tension from the body.

6. Externalize your worries

Whatever they are. Make them bigger by giving them physical form and grounding them out to release their grip on you. Use your voice to make a video, write a poem about it, paint it out, make an altar to it, go to an open field or the top of a mountain and holler it out!


Venus is in the same degree as Saturn today, and in the days after the New Moon will trine Uranus, which is a fast zingy super strange and fresh energy in all things Venus. It is now the dark moon. Our energies are naturally turning inward. Flow with that darkening moon and be rested for the new moon cycle on the 9th.


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