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New Moon in Sagittarius December 11 2015, 5:29 am EST.

There is one thing I find very hopeful about the new moon time every month. Every month I see many people across the astrologically inclined internet using the time of the new moon to set intentions for the upcoming month.

Nevermind that many times the description of the symbolic meanings of the sign in which the new moon takes place is often somewhere out in left field.

The point is that every month, many people take pause to go within, to reflect on the past 28 days of the moon cycle, to reflect on the upcoming 28 days, and to reset and re-align themselves, to set visions, hopes, and intentions for the month, to check in with themselves and to create a new guideline that they can touch again throughout the month, to ensure they are on track for fulfilling their dreams.

Even if there is often confusion about the actual symbolic meaning of the sign, or little to no consideration of the aspects involved, the intention matters a great deal. And what is happening qualitatively matters on a deeper level since the meaning of the symbol will likely make its way through to some level of intention.

As I am writing this the Moon is traveling through the first decan of Capricorn. This is an opportunity to find substance for the inspirations of the recent new moon, as well as the deeper and longer term astrology of the Saturn square Neptune aspect.

The new moon in Sagittarius itself was a reset prompt in the personal Sagittarius house, which is the area of structural reform for the Saturn square Neptune theme of the next year.

It was also a broader energetic reset for the collective. The message was to go within and find that space of fiery inspiration of Sagittarius: the view from the top of the mountain, the hope that comes with undying belief in the goodness and beneficence of life, the belief that there is a guiding power out there that is constantly course-correcting us so that we can do better to ourselves and to each other.

There is a down to earth quality with this new moon as Jupiter in Virgo is not only the dispositor of both lights, the sun and moon, but also aspecting the lights. This is about the belief that every day’s labor is a step on the journey to a higher vision. The Virgo-Sagittarius square is also a caution against using logic to create a truth that is not really there, and to confidently proselytize that to others. On the other hand, this square can produce a consistent refinement that allows walking the talk of one’s beliefs.

As Saturn transits Sagittarius in square aspect to Neptune in Pisces for the next 8-9 months, through September 2016, we are all charged with acknowledging the handiwork of a force that is more whole and complete than the limited human faculties, and with holding a higher vision of what is possible for ourselves and for the world, and having the faith to act on it even when it is challenging, and to improve ourselves and our situation by taking responsibility for the philosophies we entertain by living what we preach.

Other aspects present at the new moon include a Venus-Neptune trine from Scorpio to Pisces, and Mars separating from the Uranus-Pluto square. This brings in an element of higher love and healing that is enacted in response to a collective concern, or in order to advance the possibilities of the collective, in the name of justice and what is fair, and what is true.

If you have a ritual of setting intentions for the new moon, the moon is still dark, though growing in light. For as long as the moon appears as a sliver of a crescent in the night sky, there is still time to capitalize on the sowing period of the new cycle. You might like to devote a quiet half hour to imagining a bigger and better way of living for yourself, for others in your community, and for the world. You can keep the intention quite specific if you like, focusing on only one experience, feeling, or quality of living that you wish to bring in to your life this new moon cycle. Allow yourself to step into the full technicolor experience of that in your imagination. As with any ritual focused on achieving a transformation, pouring energy into it by remembering it not just at the time of the new moon, but constantly, revisiting it daily, and moving it toward it in deed daily, magnifies your intention and maneuvers the pulleys and levers of the universe to conspire with you to funnel to you your deep wish.

With love,

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