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Hi everyone,

Mars is now entering a challenging zone with Uranus and Pluto. Here are some things to watch for with this aspect. Remember that Mars is in Libra, the sign of Mars’ detriment, in opposition to Uranus in Aries and square to Pluto.

  • Watch for vacillation and endless decision making. Mars is in his detriment in Libra partly because he can weigh options endlessly before ever doing anything. Pick an option, the one that feels the best, and go for it.
  • Watch for impulsive, fast, rash actions, and hasty decisions. Especially if they have to do with rage, and especially if they come out of nowhere. Practice patience. You have more time, more willpower, and more strength than you think.
  • Watch for being too sucked in to the collective drama. We all have an effect on our immediate microcosm. Your actions, thoughts, and feelings matter. Again, start with being patient with yourself, carefully examining your own responses, and grabbing the reins on lightning fast impulses. Take a break from facebook. Take a break from the news.
  • Relate to your fellow humans. Get out in the sunshine. Go on a hike. Strike up a conversation with someone. We all fare better when we connect with each other in person.
  • Move your body. Mars energy is physical. If you have a lot to do, there is a lot of energy for you to access. You might also benefit from doing long range planing, decorating, or creating something artful.

Venus enters Scorpio shortly and we will have some fixed energy to temper all this running, running, running mutable heavens.

Wishing you the best, keep your cool, and take care out there!

Very warmly yours,

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