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Each year the Sun approaches Saturn for their annual conjunction. Since 2012, this meeting between the sun and Saturn has happened in Scorpio. Since Saturn has entered Sagittarius, this is the first year these two bodies meet in the Sagittarius section of the sky.

On a personal level, the Sun – Saturn conjunction shines a bright light on Saturn in Sagittarius lessons of the house it is transiting. This time around the cosmic clock winders have deemed it necessary for us to come into awareness of our personal and collective Saturn square Neptune stories as well. Over the course of the next year, Saturn and Neptune will square off three times. As this is happening, Chiron is stationary, and a pronounced element of healing and seeing through is involved with the gestalt of the moment.

The Sun and Saturn both indicate authority figures, and in the natal chart often represent the father. Authority figures in this case do not have to be male and do not even have to be animate. Sagittarius is about unifying systems of belief/ideology/thought so that all the available knowledge is synthesized and referred to from this holistic perspective. For this reason, Sagittarius is often associated with an uncanny ability to to look behind the surface to see deeper meaning, and with the ability to prophecy.

As the Sun is approaching Saturn over the next 24 hours, we have the ability to be consciously aware of the personal story of Saturn through Sagittarius. When Saturn transits a house it puts on a white glove and conducts a dust inspection. In the Sagittarius house is where there is an attitude of freedom, of cultural tolerance and tolerance/support of diversity, and of a system of belief to live by. Saturn transiting a Sagittarius house encourages defining the beliefs that motivate the actions of that house, adjusting and changing as necessary.

Saturn in Sagittarius can easily slide into dogma and show the shadow side of any belief system, including religion. If we believe our beliefs are the beliefs, our brand of politics is the brand of politics, our way of living is the way of living, we can be deluded in taking action to compel the collective to acknowledge what we believe is our inherent rightness. This is a distortion of the Saturn in Sagittarius principle that at its root is really about the acceptance that comes with being broad minded, without sliding into undisciplined flexibility.

This placement is about becoming aware of hidden beliefs that support the architecture of your life. This can be beliefs about what is deserved, who is trusted, belief systems, allegiances, relationship models, personal needs, the limits or limitlessness of what is possible. There is a belief underlying every action, and Saturn brings awareness to invisible beliefs.

The square in Saturn square Neptune is dynamic. As a square, it brings on a tense situation that creates pressure, and that pressure is released through direct action.

People with Saturn as their representatives, Capricorn/Aquarius Suns and ascendants, Sun-Saturn conjunctions (really a fusing of the two principles; conjunct planets are not separate entities), are softened by the square to Neptune. There is this wide-openness that is incredibly vulnerable. That same state of being wide open can also open up to bigger realities, especially as this is a Jupiter ruled square. So there is at the same time a need to actively maintain feet on the ground — exercising, caring for the nervous system, eating grounding foods —  while being able to access that wide openness in a safe way. This is about self strengthening. A strong, centered self can navigate the wide open waters of Neptune without going mad.

There is a strong presence of symbol now. Neptune not only softens but also brings awareness of nuance and subtlety That means omens, signs, and symbols that have always been there, or that are part of a developing storyline, a story that has taken a while to develop, present themselves in the physical world now. It also means it’s a good time to place yourself in front of a creative medium and and seeing what comes out of you.

Photogramme of Cyanotype by Thierry R. Cyanotypes are camera-less photographs where sheets of paper brushed with iron salts are exposed to sunlight.

There is now a palpable knowing that energy information is always truthful, though it is always filtered through subjective experiences. Objectivity is a quality that is cultivated with intention, and even then, we are human. This energetic communication is enough to keep you honest 🙂  It’s also enough to place a valve and lever on your sharp tongue/thoughts/emotions — which are all recorded in the body(ies). It’s enough to keep yourself strong and supple, sturdy and flexible, and your environment clear of unwanted influences. People receive the energy you send them, whether they are aware of it or not, and vice versa. The way to move through this is aligning with love, the most powerful force on earth and beyond, and a strong center.

Wishing you warmth,
With love,

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