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Becoming ‘conscious’ means to recognize the fantasies playing through all behavior, and the psyche’s need for psychotherapeutic understanding means that it asks to become aware of its fantasies.
~ James Hillman, Healing Fictions

We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.
~Pema Chodron


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Chiron in Pisces stations direct at 16 degrees 56 minutes Pisces 1:43 AM EST November 28, 2015.

We all have pain and we all have had experiences that are deeply wounding. A lover leaves. A marriage crumbles. A business fails. A dream is shattered. A death haunts us. We can’t trust others. We have difficulty trusting ourselves. We experience crippling criticism from others. We continually engage in harmful self-talk/self-perception. We self sabotage. We realize we have made decisions that were not in our own best interest. We have a disability. We prefer passive healing over active healing. We experience isolation and loneliness. We believe that the source of our power comes from others or from objects. We think there is something inherently awful about ourselves, and we punish ourselves in ways that demonstrate this belief.

And on a Piscean and 12th house level: Our society shames/manipulates natural human urges. There are few forums in society that honor open discussion of “deviant” behavior. There is an unspoken social script in our interactions, which if are not followed result in our being shunned, shamed, or punished. Via clandestine, subversive, hidden methods of propaganda and social conditioning, society sanctions the demonization of sections of the population and exaltation of certain group behaviors, beliefs, and rituals.  There are deeply entrenched unjust institutions that demand our emotional energy to keep propped up. There are subconscious social/ancestral scripts that can compel us to act without conscious awareness, and that can be “plucked” like a guitar string to culture a particular response.

And so on. This is not to dwell in re-counting everything that is difficult about the human experience. As Chiron stations, the energy of the centaur planet is more potent, and these thematic experiences are all easier to access with awareness. These are all very real and excruciating experiences that many more of us experience than will openly admit. Yet acknowledging that your friend or your neighbor or the person serving you coffee could potentially be going through something like any of the above is sensitizing. However, the first place this sensitive response is cultured is within the self.

Chiron in Pisces resuming forward motion asks us to use what transpired during the retrograde motion to call the far off pieces of our spirit back. This placement reminds us that all forms outside the self from which we are meant to derive security cannot stand up to the weight of such expectation. Chiron here encourages us to seek wholeness, which means looking for what we want from others within ourselves, with forgiveness as a starting point.

Astronomically, Chiron has a highly elliptical orbit. Because of that, Chiron spends much more time in Aries than it does in Libra. Symbolically, this is resonant with some of the fundamental facets of authentic healing. And healing is largely a solo journey. Healing requires active personal participation. Healing requires calling back in all dismembered parts of the self.

Taking up the task of healing oneself is an act of bravery, courage, and conviction. It requires the power to endure, faith in something larger than the self, and the willingness to commit to a process that involves giving up pretensions of absolute personal will power, to something like Divine will, timing, or calling.

ShaolinThe prolonged transit of Chiron through the Aries section of the zodiac could also indicate that strengthening the sense of self is the offensive (vs. defensive) posture required to maneuver effectively among people (situations, institutions) who are coming from their own woundedness.

In the book Chiron and The Healing Journey, Melanie Reinhart states that Chiron in Pisces shows, in part, a need to accept being incarnated into physical form, and all the implications of the duality that is part of that package.

Knowing what is appropriate for the self, having a strong sense of personal will, along with clearly defined personal boundaries as well as the sense of self respect to uphold those boundaries are all ways that demonstrate self acceptance, acceptance of being incarnated, and the willingness to do what is right for oneself — which is always winds up being the right action for others.



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Barbara Takenaga, Forte, Acrylic on linen. CC 3.0





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