Full Moon in Gemini 2015 — Naming the Invisible

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Dancers, Franz von Stuck

Holy the cafeterias filled with the millions! Holy the
mysterious rivers of tears under the streets!
Holy the lone juggernaut! Holy the vast lamb of the
middle class! Holy the crazy shepherds of rebell-
ion! Who digs Los Angeles IS Los Angeles!
Holy New York Holy San Francisco Holy Peoria &
Seattle Holy Paris Holy Tangiers Holy Moscow
Holy Istanbul!
Holy time in eternity holy eternity in time holy the
clocks in space holy the fourth dimension holy
the fifth International holy the Angel in Moloch!
Holy the sea holy the desert holy the railroad holy the
locomotive holy the visions holy the hallucina-
tions holy the miracles holy the eyeball holy the
Holy forgiveness! mercy! charity! faith! Holy! Ours!
bodies! suffering! magnanimity!
Holy the supernatural extra brilliant intelligent
kindness of the soul!

~Allen Ginsberg, Gemini Sun Pisces Moon

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Full Moon in Gemini 5:44pm EST November 25

This Full Moon has “the mind” written all over it. The moon itself is in Mercury-ruled Gemini, and the Sun in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter in Virgo, also a Mercury ruled sign.

Mercury, however, finds itself in unbefitting territory, being in the sign of its detriment in Sagittarius. It might be that Mercury is not considered to do so well in this sign because Sagittarius has to do with morality, while Mercury is an in-between kind of planet. It operates outside right and wrong, outside man and woman, outside here and there. While the thrust of Sagittarius is about the exploration for truth, the Mercury function embodies the transitory and ambiguous space between coherent umbrella concepts of truth.

A core part of the Mercury function is as a weaver of realms. In this way, Mercury is a gatekeeper between worlds. S/he simply requires that we meet it where it’s at, and in return we receive a different way of seeing.

Being Mercury ruled, this full moon arrives with a message. The content of the message is the longer term story of the Saturn-Neptune square. This is a data-heavy full moon, with the data coming in from some time long ago or far into the future, and from somewhere very far away, distance-wise, concept-wise, ideal-wise.

As a planet beyond Saturn, Neptune cannot be seen with the naked eye. This planet plays beyond the time and space rules of Saturn. When Neptune is activated it funnels in transpersonal consciousness — ideas, perceptions, and information that have to do with a much bigger and stranger view than humans are attuned to in standard states of consciousness. The effect of these incoming perceptions can be humanizing and unifying. Humans are united by the physical laws of Saturn.

That kind of information provides perspective. Neptune in Pisces offers the kernel for consideration that in any situation, there are a multiplicity of truths. Neptune dissolves any tendency to rigid dogma that Saturn in Sagittarius might want to wave a flag about. Neptune here meets (with tension) the teacher and drips itself onto their lesson plan, showing that there is a quality that underlies all form and if you can bring yourself to see through how something appears, it becomes clear that the same essences appear in different forms.

Saturn is Sagittarius in this configuration with Neptune is like a centaur

Albrecht Aldorfer, ca. 15th century

with jelly legs making a mad dash across the top of a muddy swamp. If the centaur slows or stays still for too long it will sink. This is not solid ground, this is territory where Saturn must bend a bit.

Here is where it helps to do Saturn consciously. The idea is to use the mind to find solid ground. That might take the form of being discerning about the information-river you choose to step into. There is now much that is seen and unseen to be perceived. Potential overwhelm is reduced by being mindful and intentional about the information you choose to consume and the information you produce.

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is about stories and communication. With Neptune in the mix a lot of the communication can be invisible, happening inwardly but with no less force or quantity. Embodying the upward spiral energy of Sagittarius and Gemini is cleansing and clarifying. Direct the inner flow up and out by writing, communicating, singing, talking, dancing, making music, expressing emotion. The use of the voice especially sends sound-vibration through the body and atmsophere, and serves a double purpose of directing chaos and actively dissolving stuck areas of energy.

It’s an excellent time to be intentional about the ideas you entertain. If you choose not to sink into the swamp, great creativity is possible. But if you choose to sink, there might be some interesting swamp creatures down there. Make sure you take a golden thread with you so you can find your way up and out again. Final word to the wise, taking Jupiter in Virgo into account, currently dispositor of all the planets (sag joke, just kidding, just the planets in Sagittarius and Pisces), would be to take a Chaos Approach to Productivity. That is, if you can swing it, it doesn’t matter what gets done first, as long as it all gets done.

Wishing you a happy full moon,


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