L'arbre de vie, Tree of Life, Painting by Séraphine de Senlis, 1928
L’arbre de vie, Tree of Life, Painting by Séraphine de Senlis, 1928

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The Moon bursts into fullness in Taurus at 8:05 AM EDT October 27, 2015, at 3 degrees 45 minutes across Taurus-Scorpio, then begins its journey to waning.

Taurus is a simple sign. Delicious food, soft fabric, good sex, money in the bank, more coming, minimal drama. Steady as she goes through the waves of life.

Taurus is an intense sign. It takes a special kind of person to reliably show up day in and day out. The person who will always cover your shift when you ask, who will always answer the phone, the person you can always count on.

Taurus’ gaze might not be as intense as Scorpio’s, but Taurus can hold Scorpio’s gaze for as long as they’re looking. It takes a special, intense kind of person to do that.

And that gaze might not be a gaze coming at Taurus from Scorpio, but a blistering challenge, a primal roar, a penetrating announcement of desire. And from Scorpio’s point of view, the dividing line between these is not so defined. Moon in Taurus is the dark earth that can withstand such force.

This full moon is a good time to close your eyes and open to yourself and run your hands along your inner landscape. It will be loud, and in the moon’s light the landmarks are easily seen. Take your time to feel the crevices and cracks of ancient rocks and plaster them with your awareness.

This full moon is a healing moon for the body. The ruler of the Sun, Mars, is in Virgo. The ruler of the exalted Moon, Venus, is in Virgo. Mars and Venus are both in Virgo, and Venus is opposite Chiron.

Venus standing across the sky from Chiron. This is the story of accepting the irreconcilable wound that will forever yield more and increasingly luscious fruits. When any planet stands in opposition to any other planet, there is a reference point there. The contrast is tangible, and so the figure that is looking knows more of what it is, itself.

This is also a story about humbling yourself before your craft, and taking pleasure in that. Understanding that creating art is sacred and that sometimes the power is there and that often that power is borrowed. Understanding that creating is sacred and not sacred and often, only careful and persistent diligence calls the spirits, and they take their time coming. These are the laborious steps taken to nod to the gods and do things the right way.

Venus Chiron across Virgo Pisces is also about humbling yourself before a teacher and the teaching, and the great futility and necessity of defining something so vast and subtle, giving it words and edges and identity in material reality.

There is an obliqueness here, something coming from the side. There is a whisper of freedom visible from the periphery.

Moon in Taurus shows that at this time there is an acceptance, a clearing, an opening, a healing, an alliance, a comfort.

Taurus lives in Scorpio too. Taurus is the eyes ears tongue nose, and the pads of the fingers. Taurus is the moment your lover traces their fingers across your back. Your hairs stand on end, skin prickly and scents are so much deeper, the world is a brighter place.

Opposites always live alongside each other. The fertile soil is so because it held itself as a container for decomposition.

Scorpio though, has that sense that gives scientists so much trouble, because they can’t find an organ for it. Scorpio is the body that knows the core of a person in their vicinity before a word is exchanged. Scorpio is the memory of ancestors that courses through blood and the same magnetic memory that in nanoseconds knows the potential for danger. Scorpio is the pheromones that light up the space near the bowels when the right person’s chemistry is near — instinctual biological response.

This full moon in Taurus is appropriately calm. There are not any major aspects from traditional bodies to this full moon, letting the oppositions ring through quite clearly. Enjoy your simple pleasures in its luminous light!


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