“Marine diatoms—carbon-based organisms that extract silicon from sea water and incorporate it into their cell walls”
Diatom2 by Wipeter CC BY-SA 3.0

Laume came from transcendental waters, and her spirit lives in all waters, even in baths and showers, in rivers, streams, oceans, the rain, and in toilets. She is the guardian of all children, the not yet born, the newly born, the orphaned, the forgotten, even the dead children. If there is a child coming into the world, she can foresee it. If a child is mistreated, she will sometimes take him and raise him herself. If a child is lost, she protects him, while gathering information about the usefulness of the parents. If parents are mishandling a child, she will transform him into whatever lesson they need to learn.

Above all she values sincerity, and next industriousness on the part of mothers, particularly the women’s work of weaving.

Laume rewards those who work hard; she also punishes severely those who seek reward without an attention to hard work, and those in pursuit of self-aggrandizement.

~Lidia Yunkavitch describing Lithuanian water goddess Laume in Woven

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The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 7 degrees of both signs for the Halloween Weekend in the United States, and the cross quarter holiday Samhain the world over.

This is an energetically potent week.  The Taurus Full Moon on the 27th was the last SuperMoon of the year, a time when the Moon is the closest or very close to the closest it can be to the earth in terms of its orbit. The link goes to an article about Super Moons by Richard Nolle, who created the term Super Moon in 1979. The Moon affects the earth’s tides as well as the earth’s crust. So when the Moon is very close to the earth, there is a corresponding upsurge in the intensity of tidal and geological activity. Super Moons happen an average of 4-6 times per year.

We astrologers observe that lunar events correlate and influence human, as well as animal events.

This week is intense by virtue of the Moon being across the sky from the Sun in Scorpio, a sign associated with primal power. While at the same time as the full moon, Venus was sitting between Jupiter and Mars and across from Chiron, amplifying and energizing generosity in service, work, healing and health, thinking, cleaning, organizing, communicating — all Virgo themes.

Now the Sun approaches a trine to Neptune.

Neptune, like all the outer planets, has to do with transpersonal, beyond the personal, or collective forces. When this planet touches points or planets in birth charts, there is a corresponding collective or transpersonal influence. What form it takes depends on the person and their individual make-up.

Also, Neptune, like all the outer planets, has a transformational effect on the natal chart when it is transiting or activated by progression.

The trine is a harmonious aspect, meaning that energy flows without inhibition, in part because the trine happens between signs that share an element, making them amiable to each other.

Sun in Scorpio:  Hi Neptune! It’s so crucial for me to express how super deeply I feel about stuff by filling the whole room with the intensity of my emotions so that everyone feels really drawn to me and also slightly repulsed — it’s a very confusing mix of emotions!

Neptune in Pisces: Hi Scorpio Sun! That’s so awesome, because I really like to possess technology and trees and even humans to make really strange things happen, but of course no one knows it’s me because I’m Neptune I am really awesome at hiding.

Trines can often be very positive and beneficial, because the energy in 120 degrees flows freely. As a point of perspective, an avalanche that wants to pick up speed definitely loves that gravity works the way it does, and that’s how the trine operates, a free flow between compatible forces.

So this is a potentially lovely and certainly energized conversation happening between the planet that represents existing powerfully in the world, and the planet that dreamily infuses into and influences the collective.

Neptune has many associations. Some of these include the waters of life, including the primal waters — amniotic and all encompassing; spirituality, compassion, altruism, artistic ability, imagination, seduction, glamour, eroticism, the positive implications of unity or oneness. Neptune is also associated with hysteria, deception, obsession, getting carried out to sea until the waters choose to spit you back on shore, lulled by siren song into a watery grave, addiction, confusion, illusion.

Scorpio and Neptune both have to do with merging, but two different species of merging. In one form of Scorpio’s merging, Scorpio takes what’s yours and puts it with what is theirs, to create what is “ours”. This could be connections, money, skills, life-force, energy, spiritual resources or abilities, friends, ideas, the house, details about your character or your life, sexual power and so on. Another, low expression of Scorpio can be vampiric, without the associated trade or exchange that is part of the symbolism of this sign, such that Scorpio takes what is “yours” and adds it to what is “mine”, without a corresponding trade of equal value.

Now, Neptune’s merging has to do with primal fusion. Neptune’s sense of unity is literally dissolving and washing away all the boundaries that exist between any two things or set of things, so that the two can be experienced blissfully as One, and such that the idea of “twoness”, separate entities divided by boundaries, is obliterated or washed away, and there is only divine/voracious merging.

Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs. Water is fluid, thus it is adaptable, shaping itself in the form of whatever container it finds itself in.

So, some musings on Sun trine Neptune across Scorpio-Pisces. This is a fleeting transit of a few days of build up and separation, so there may simply be musing and daydreaming that reveal inspirations along idealistic or fantastical lines. However, they may not be so idealistic, and perhaps they’re worth jotting down and giving life to in material form as the stellium in Virgo provides a practical earthy influence and a desire to make use of what’s floating out there in the ethers. In short, great art can be seeded now.

Sun trine Neptune is about making an emotional imprint that has to do with a dream or a longing. This is a desire, vividly and viscerally felt and enacted, and therefore influencing the currents along which things flow through life. This is the powerful force of emotion to invisibly affect material reality.

This is also the image of purging the waters of life, purging the seas, purging the emotions, purging old programming or unhelpful beliefs, such that a profound cleansing takes place.

Here’s another angle on this configuration. Sun trine Neptune is the image of merging resources in order to realize a dream. It’s about sharing collective resources in order to transcend the personal level of concern with survival through a compassionate vision for healing. This sounds a lot like socialism. It looks like a collective movement to pool resources so that basic human needs are easily addressed and life force can be re-directed to more urgent collective matters.
This configuration is also the image of hypnosis for healing, or opening the eye of the heart to see through hypnosis or trance or delusion. Or a deep energetic spiritual healing session.

Blue light emitting diodes over a proto-board by Gussisaurio
Blue light emitting diodes over a proto-board by Gussisaurio

The Sun in mythology has historically been represented by male figures and in the natal chart can represent a man, a male authority figure, the father, or a masculine leader. With Sun trine Neptune this is the image of a man feeling deep sensitivity, acute intuition, emotional awareness that goes deep but that is not always expressed outwardly. Part of the message in the symbolism is to relate consciously (vs. out of habit or embedded patterns) to the masculine if and when they demonstrate this sensitivity.

Finally, we are in an energetic recalibration this week. There is a lot to be done, the stellium in Virgo duly attests to that. We’re also on the back end of a potent, somatic full moon, and Neptune transits are known for being foggy. So be sure to give yourself recharge and reverie time if possible and when necessary.

Wishing you awesomeness,

As an interesting side note on the Moon, Thoth, the ibis-headed lunar god of ancient Egypt, was also the god of time, as the ancient Egyptians used a lunar calendar. An appropriate shift in perspective for a reality bending incoming Sun-Neptune trine and a waxing Saturn-Neptune square.

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