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Sun in Scorpio — A Potent Unfurling

Image by Flickr user Nimish Gogri

Image by Flickr user Nimish Gogri

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Greetings and welcome to the Sun in Scorpio, which entered the sign today at 1:47 PM Eastern time.

The Sun’s entrance into Scorpio marks a month long season of existing in the world through the feeling body first. This is a particularly compelling Scorpio ingress, because the Sun arrives in the sign while the Moon is in fellow water sign Pisces in a very close conjunction to Neptune, on the energetic upswing leading up to the full moon, and boosted by a magnificent stellium in Virgo. This is a powerful moment to use invisible but palpable energy to build momentum to create a practical change in your life.

As a water sign, Scorpio is considered mute in the traditional astrology texts. Therefore if you really wish to understand Scorpio, the thing to do is watch and let yourself be watched, rather than talk. If you do find a Scorpio talking to you, by all means, listen closely. That is also to say that Scorpio feels their way through life. Scorpio has an emotional spectrum that is wider than most other signs in the zodiac. This is why working with invisible currents is powerful during Scorpio season, and something Scorpio can do with great facility. Intention matters a lot here. In going about life, we all discharge energy, but, being ruled by Mars, Scorpio does this with exceptional thrust. The attendant (meta)physical laws apply; that energy cannot be destroyed but only changes form. So, discharging energy with intention becomes a skill that is important for Scorpio to become proficient in, and something we can all tap into as the Sun moves through the sign of the scorpion, eagle, and phoenix.

Scorpio and Virgo together create the image of the ultimate filtration system. There is rich silt at the bottom of Scorpio’s depths, and Virgo, being ruled by Mercury, applies the discernment needed both to sift through powerful intuition and focus emotional potency to achieve something real. The next few days are a great time to go within and hone in on a vision for change you’d like to effect in your life, and create a plan to make that vision a reality.

At the moment that the Sun enters Scorpio, there is big meeting in Virgo. Venus meets Jupiter at 15 degrees of the sign, then goes on to meet Mars for the third time this year. Venus and Mars will travel alongside each other from October 30 to November 5, between 20 and 25 degrees Virgo. At the moment that Venus moves on, Mars is going to be sitting sweetly between the two benefics, Jupiter and Venus. While the Sun is in Scorpio, it is ruled by Mars, and so this timeframe summons the image of deep relating, and action taken from a place of very sincere satisfaction, or knowing what will bring it.

Image by Flickr user Erik Ogan

Image by Flickr user Erik Ogan

I tend to emphasize action on this blog, and that’s because this moment in global history is yearning for us to participate more emphatically and with more awareness and focused direction. However, carving out regular time for reflection, being, and experiencing rather than doing is just as important a way to participate, and in fact bolsters the potency of any action you take. Someone pointed out to me recently that this kind of intentional reflection takes effort. That is effort worth making at the beginning of this Scorpio Season. Wishing you a great one. : )

With all the love,

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