Fingal's Cave with view of Iona Island in Staffa Scotland, by N2e
Fingal’s Cave with view of Iona Island in Staffa Scotland, by N2e

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Mars in Virgo is applying to Chiron retrograde in Pisces by opposition. This will be exact early Friday morning Eastern time, at 17 degrees Virgo-Pisces.

The Virgo Pisces axis is an axis of healing. Earth sign Virgo is often associated with healing the flesh while water sign Pisces is associated with healing the spirit.

The opposition aspect presents the image of an intense face off. Whatever is directly opposite point A can be seen with exceptional clarity. That’s part of the potency of this aspect. If you ever want to experience the opposition aspect first hand, enlist a friend or random person to sit down across from you, knees touching, while you hold eye contact without looking away for a minute or 90 seconds. See what you can see.

Mars is a hot fiery planet that is about how we get what want we want in the world, it’s associated with sex, aggression, assertion, force, masculinity, and achievement. The sign Mars is in describes how Mars takes action as well as what energizes Mars.

Chiron is a centaur planet that deeply sensitizes the sign it’s in and any planets or points it touches, crystallizing and amplifying the qualities of the sign. It might be this ultra clarity that allows Chiron to traverse novel territory with regard to its configuration. This is reflective of Chiron’s orbital relationship with the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. Chiron also brings awareness to the shadow side of any planet or point and requires a certain quality of a dialectic, left brain right brain holistic consciousness around the themes constellated there. As a teacher, Chiron in mythology passed on his wide breadth and depth of knowledge to many students, effectively propagating healing for generations to come. His attempt and ultimate inability to heal his own injury is part of what made Chiron such a profound healer.

Putting these ideas together across the Virgo Pisces axis can constellate in a number of ways. It’s always wise to remember multivalence in astrology, which is that any set of symbols can show up with infinite variety, as varied as there are people and situations and images in the universe. With that in mind:

Mars opposite Chiron can show up as consciously and consistently taking practical action that makes a deep healing imprint on the soul level. This aspect can also manifest as the externalized teacher — someone who reflects to you the way in which you are taking action, encouraging a more careful and holistic consideration of what is being done.

This aspect can manifest as the reflection of self-criticism in another. In certain situations it’s easier to think that someone else is harshly criticizing us than to realize that we might have some kind of need to harshly criticize ourselves in a way that cuts and serves to separate from wholeness. Oppositions ultimately bring awareness through something manifesting at an opposite polarity. Mars opposite Chiron across the Virgo Pisces axis suggests the unifying power and potency available when the critical projection is withdrawn and filtered through a discriminating sieve, initiating the process of self-reflection. Then Mars becomes like a lance that drains the wound, instead of unreflective and unbridled aggression that seems to originate outside the self.

Chiron in Pisces occupies a safe space of undifferentiated consciousness. In that space, a lot of action can happen apart from time considerations, with the only limit being what the imagination can conjure. However, the act of giving something conjured in the imagination form necessarily limits it. Mars in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces is the image of dutifully performing a creative act and letting it take on a life of its own once it is given that first formative act. This image also suggests becoming ok with sacrificing the perfection of the formless inspiration in order to have something complete, flawed, and embodied.

This aspect is in effect over the course of the week. It’s worth meditating on the themes and seeing how they are showing up for you and how you respond, because Chiron is activated through long term action in the Virgo-Pisces axis. Venus in Virgo will make an opposition to Chiron next week. The first week of November sees Jupiter opposite Chiron — an aspect that is applying now, and that will happen twice more through August 2016.

Although Chiron in Pisces can grant deep peace through the healing work he provokes, Virgo’s presence in this configuration indicates that it is work, meaning careful effort is required.

With love,

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