John Reinhard Weguelin, 1885, oil on canvas
John Reinhard Weguelin, 1885, oil on canvas

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Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces today, exact in a few hours and within orb for the weekend.

This is a sweet and romantic aspect with a lot of complexity behind it. Since we’re coming out of an extended phase of relationship recalibration, this aspect might be especially poignant for many people.

Neptune softens and blurs the edges of the sign and planets it touches. This planet in this configuration has to do with something like fantasy love. Love that exists on a supramundane plane.

Pisces encompasses what loops infinitely, dialectically into itself. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, it is about holding the space of the same concept inverted, flipped, reflected, cycled again, and turned into another form of itself.

Neptune adds magic to Pisces already potent mysticism, making it a profoundly gifted shapeshifter. Only so profound for those of us with land-legs.

Virgo has to do with the mundane bits of life. The every day ins and outs that keep the machine oiled and running well.

Venus opposite Neptune can make the idea of a lover incredibly sexy. Never mind that they are not there in flesh. The image of the lover in memory is enough. That image divorced from the lover’s actual body can be even better, because it is then so easy to enhance the best parts and luxuriate there, softening the less glorious aspects of the embodied lover to the point of erasure.

This Venus Neptune aspect across Virgo-Pisces is also about the love that is for something higher than its own sake. The relationship that serves a greater purpose, the union that produces something much bigger than the sum of its parts, that makes love and emanates something which winds up looking and feeling like deep service to humanity.

This configuration is about transcending petty differences in the interest of doing something greater.

It’s also about the illusion that that is the case, or is even possible. With Neptune you never really know. There is this distorting quality, like when you put a straw into a glass of water and it appears choppy through the water. Or when you’re underwater, looking up at the surroundings from that vantage point, the world looks similar but definitely not at all the same. Experiencing Neptune often feels like there is definitely something happening, definitely not in what is generally understood to be the world of form, but happening somewhere, some time, in some guise or another, somehow associated to what you might think is happening.

John Reinhard Weguelin, 1890, oil on canvas
John Reinhard Weguelin, 1890, oil on canvas

Venus in Virgo wants whats real, logical, touchable, practical. Neptune takes that and bestows a yearning and longing quality, to the point where Venus in Virgo might, in a haze, allow a standard or two to slide in the interest of experiencing this ineffable ungraspable thing, Neptune.
And here’s a bit of what Venus in Virgo opp Neptune in Pisces might sound like.

This is a highly creative aspect, if mind-bendy and intoxicating. It’s a nice Friday evening start to a buzzing weekend.

A nice way to use this aspect would be to let its cleansing waters take over you and a love. It’s an excellent aspect for good music and a long drive, or channeling music and art. On the transcendent tip, this is a perfect aspect for the Navaratri week and for any kind of devotional ritual; a good time to pray sincerely with great faithfulness.

With love,

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    1. Thank you, nonosophia : )

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