Joseph Stella, Battle of Lights, Coney Island
Joseph Stella, Battle of Lights, Coney Island

This second post on last night’s new moon is adapted from a newsletter I sent on the new moon last night. If you would like to receive the weekly newsletter, sign up here.

There was a new Moon in Libra around 8 PM EDT yesterday, October 12. This is a zinger of a new Moon. It feels like high-voltage, high-wattage electricity surging through the atmosphere. This is because both the Sun and Moon are opposite Uranus, and the earth has passed through this face off, absorbing the rays emanating from planets at both polarities. Uranus energy and a flurry of Mercury is what is surging through now.

Libra is the sign of the other, relationships, fair assessment, balance, adjustment, connection, refinement, classics, aesthetics and ideas along this line of thought. The shadow side of Libra can include qualities like superficiality and indecision.  The lights, the sun and moon, are opposite Uranus. The opposition aspect always invokes the concept of polarity. This new moon can make a Uranus figure or situation apparent your life. The Uranus part of the polarity can liberate or effect radical change. For many people this is happening in the realm of relationships. We’re coming out of two inner planet retrogrades. Many are also revising contracts, changing the way they perceive something, or figuring out how to make a personal change that is the result of recent developments or a new sense of awareness.

Take care of you through this time. Uranus is very high voltage fast paced energy and when this planet is activated, sleep is foregone, and we feel restless and frenetic. It’s a good idea to ground yourself by being in nature, observing the wind slide along the trees, pressing your skin into the earth, physically working the body, becoming conscious of latent thought forms that are a block to progress, and taking care of the nerves. Regular herbal body massage is good for that last.

The new moon, as ever, is a good time to sow seeds of intention, and particularly this week as there are potent configurations elsewhere in the sky. If you’ve been keeping up with the newsletters, I did mention this week’s Mars-Jupiter conjunction a few weeks ago. With Virgo diligence, something may now be getting off the ground in a big way. Mars-Jupiter is at the top of the list of my favorite planetary configurations, personally.

Still, the moon is dark and not to be seen for three days every month. One day on either side of the new moon itself. Rumi said, each month I disappear three days with the moon. Many cultures and traditions honor this moment as a time to go within. There is a respect for the fertility of darkness found there. You can’t see in the dark — but that’s because we instinctively go to look with our eyes, yet if we wish to see in the dark, our eyes are not quite the organs called for.

Take your time to match your light with the moon’s for a few moon cycles, and note how the rhythms of your life begin to arrange themselves.

Wishing you deep wellness,

P.S. — A quick side note. There are many techniques to draw from in astrology. There are ultra fine minor aspects, asteroids, hypothetical points, and worldviews the world over. At the crux of each of these techniques, without exception, is a common denominator, and that is that they are all filtered through an instrument — the astrologer interpreting the symbolism. Because there are as many different types of astrologers as there are galaxies in the Universe (so many!), every astrologer, who is really just a person with a craft (hello Virgo stellium), has a technique or system or style they are drawn to. This even changes over time. That is cool — astrology works because of the practitioner’s devotion, and especially habitual devotion to a particular style or method. There is probably a Universal law about building momentum that I could cite here but it’s enough to know that no matter what you do, whether you’re a writer or an artist or a candle-stick maker, your commitment to your craft is what makes the Devis smile on you and sprinkle sparkly magic into your world. That is to say that the world is a varied place and that often the Universe sends a very clear message at a particular point in time, and this can come in iterations of symbolism. Many times the message that needs to come through will come through despite technique. In short, it is hard to miss the boat. So that makes it easier to exercise faith in that you are drawn to particular things for a reason.

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