16114258623_d2296128ba_kThere is an emphasis on the successive signs today, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. The dispositorship chain goes like Mercury Libra —> Venus in Leo, then all the planets in Leo funneling into the Sun in Virgo, which comes back through to Mercury in Libra. With that in mind, here we go.

As the Sun is in Virgo, and since we orbit around it, and light is life-giving, let’s start there. With planets in Virgo activating planets in Pisces, there is a focus on service and humility, two words associated with this axis. A look at the etymology reveals that the word humility, from the Latin humus and humilis, means being low to the ground, or within the soil. This is a possible source of Virgo’s association with putting its own concerns aside to serve another person, or to do the work for the sake of the work, and to do it well, and with its inclination to modesty, even when it has acquired a level of mastery because of its commitment to doing the work consistently and well. A great many Virgos are masterful at what they do, yet they are unlikely to seek big praise or flashy recognition for their accomplishments or skills.

On the other side, the Moon in Leo has activated Venus and Mars over the course of the day. So while we give of Self, and work in humble service, the counter-balance arrives in acknowledging that light exudes from the singular constellation of qualities of the individual Self. Every person’s Self is completely individual, and to sacrifice this might mean to erase the life-force of existence, which is essential to living. By Self I mean something like what is so unique to a person that they could not have even inherited it, the weightless life that is within a person and apart from the body, the soul (whatever that means to you), the soul’s work, the reason a soul incarnates.

As a side note, the fleshy matter of the body is of the soil and has constituents of the entire Universe represented in its composition. Getting carried away here… Vast, these influences are VAST.

So, it’s a good day to ask ourselves, if I were to distill it, of what would my essence be comprised?
How does my creativity reflect what is essential to my Self?
How can I at honor the strength of my own Will, while acknowledging that there is sweetness and lightness in sharing my authentic Self with others, or another?
How can I most temperately, fairly, diplomatically communicate this to others?
What happens when I take the perspective of sinking in—  reflecting the downward and inward spiral motion of yin mutable signs— to a possible truth that there is some piece of music being composed, of which I am a miniscule and essential component, a note on a scale?

Some current and upcoming influences permeating the subtle atmosphere:

Saturn at 29 Scorpio, responsible energetic release, finalizing a chapter.
Jupiter opposite Neptune
Sun opposite Chiron
Venus on it’s third trek through retrograde hinterlands
Mercury on its first trek through retrograde territory

Take care!

Image by Flickr user thierry ehrmann. David Bowie Painted Portrait. CC 2.0

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